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All the dead people, but not all the sex: A 5-minute recap

Still don't know who Mr. Pamuk is, but don't have 15 hours to watch all of seasons 1 and 2 before January 6? You might miss a few subplots, but honestly, your guess as to why Dr. Clarkson would prescribe cinnamon milk for Spanish Flu will be as good as anyone's.

Click here to watch the 5-minute recap.

For those who've watched them all once or twice, what's your favorite skimmed-over subplot?

P.S. Season 2 is repeating Sundays at 9pm, or watch it online.

Note: Video is viewable in the US only.


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We know that Jane's little Charlie's grandmother comes to see him from time to time when she is able. I'd like to know if they help her at all. I raised my son as a single parent, but the help I received from my former in-laws was invaluable to him being a better dressed youngster than I could have managed. I want the same for Jane and little Charlie.

In Season 2, the grandparents did come back to see Jane and Charlie, the grandfather appeared nicer than before when the grandparents first met them. He offered Jane a choice between them or her raising Charlie, she opted to raise him by herself rather than giving him away. No doubt that she will get support from Abbey residents (staff and the family). Havt seen anything or any clues about what happens in Season 3, other than Shirley M. as the new grandmother.