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To Fix Salmon Streams, Leave It to Beavers

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Seattle Aquarium Halloween

Join us for Halloween fun, both on land and underwater on October 27 to 28!

Mossback’s Northwest

How Past Cougars Tell Us a Story About Modern Attacks

Mossback explores Burke Museum and asks: What can cougar remains tell us about attacks, past and present?


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Can Washington Make a Plan to Save the Orcas?

The governor’s orca task force met in Wenatchee to come up with a long-term plan to help the recovery of the orca population that...

Mossback’s Northwest

Seattle’s Complicated History With Orcas

Knute Berger charts the rise and fall of the whale that would come to define our relationship with orcas.

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Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

Celebrate your four-legged friends with this healthy and easy-to-make treat!


Planned Sterilization Procedure Puts Wild Mares at Risk, Advocacy Group Says

An animal advocacy group says the federal government shouldn’t perform sterilization surgeries on wild horses in southeastern Oregon...


Washington’s Pikas Are in Even More Trouble Than we Thought

For years, scientists thought pikas were adapting to climate change by moving uphill. But new research indicates the news is even...