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Behind the Scenes, From Where I Sit

There is nothing I like more than a behind-the-scenes video (except for maybe a blooper reel, and god knows I have puh-lenty of bloopers every time we tape) and I'm stoked that the awesome team on Check, Please! NW got ours up and running. This is pretty much a day in the life - they did a great job of capturing the emotions our guests go through and also a typical day in the green room. The video also allows a birds eye view of everyone I love who works so hard on the show. I could NOT be more grateful and thankful for the on-set posse - Victoria, Kit, Emma, Rusty, Mark and the others who not only put up with my shenanigans, but also give me great feedback. I'm a newbie at this, remember?! Anyway, back to the shenanigans.......... When I walk in to the studio the morning of a taping it's quiet as a mouse down there on the ground floor level of KCTS. If my rad hairstylist JASON EVANS doesn't beat me there (which is beyond rare)I turn on lights, unpack my wardrobe and my 87 pairs of shoes (no, not really) and get organized. By the time I'm sipping my first cup of coffee, the make up artist LISA or GLYNNE are there and from that point forward, it is a whirlwind. Inevitably guests arrive and I'm still in my slippers and 'street' clothes - I do my best to be as comfortable as possible in the green room so I'm relaxed. And speaking of relaxed, that is exactly what I try and do with all our guests. It's just a lil' ol' conversation about their favorite restaurants, after all. Nothing to be worried about! We chit chat, I get dressed, I roll out my back on my yoga ball (shocked that footage did not make behind-the-scenes!) and then off the studio we go. Wanna know more? ASK! I'll be blogging now and again and I hope to hear from all of you!! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Check, Please! NW! oxo amyp


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Amy, My DVR is set for your show every Thursday. When I have out of town guest drop in. It is a great resource for where they would like to dine. Thanks

Will "Check Please be starting a new season any time soon? Last season ended in Aug. 2012, right? Will the show continue or was it cancelled? We really enjoyed it.

bill lord