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Shade of Music

Ed Slott shows how to take retirement savings on a permanent vacation from taxes and avoid Uncle Sam in Ed Slott's Retirement Road Map!

Empower yourself with the truth about menopause in this enlightening and humorous documentary. Dispelling fear, confusion and hysteria, the film features poignant stories from real women and in-depth interviews with noted experts.

Robin Shea has been entertaining and inspiring audiences with her passion and zest for life for the past seven years through her television programs, speaking engagements, magazine articles and lifestyle classes. She brings creative solutions to a variety of life's challenges such as raising positive children, creating a personal vision, the importance of the family dinner hour, the 80/20 Lifestyle solution to weight management, conquering your fears, and much more.

89-year-old Phyllis surprises her family by making a decision about her end-of-life care.