Postcards from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair

About the World's Fair postcards collection

The 1962 World's Fair brought people from across the world to Seattle. The collection presented below consists of postcards that visitors to Seattle sent back home to family and friends across the United States.

Click on the postcard icons on the map below to flip through the postcards. Click the 'View Back' button to read the messages on the cards.

Postcard collection courtesy of Knute Berger


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Wow, what a great blast from the past! My mother and I rode the train from Portland to go the Seattle World's Fair in 1962. It all seemed so cutting edge! I was fascinated by the Bubbleator or at least the idea of it. I loved all the exhibits about our probable future - Century 21! I think that is where my love of sci fi came from. We had dinner in the Space Needle, feeling daring because it seemed that it could topple over as did the monorail. Very dangerous to a 12 year old. I still have some pictures from then - the International Fountain, the science exhibits, the crowds, the rides. Loved it!

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