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Washington Secretary of State Debate
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Washington Secretary of State Debate

A non-partisan debate among the candidates for Washington Secretary of State.

Second in Line to the Governorship

The Secretary of State is second in line to the Governorship. In a true crisis, he or she could be called upon to step into the state's highest office. We asked the candidates to tell us when they have taken a leadership role in a crisis.

Top Two Primary

Washington voters approved a Top Two Primary in 2004, but opponents vow to keep fighting it. We ask the candidates if they'll work to preserve the Top Two Primary, or if they prefer a different system.

Voter Turnout

We ask the candidates what reforms they would try to implement to increase voter registration and voter turnout in elections.

About the Debate

A non-partisan debate among the candidates for Washington Secretary of State. Moderated by KCTS 9's Enrique Cerna, and League of Women Voters' Kim Abel.

Meet the Candidates

  • David Anderson
  • Kathleen Drew
  • Jim Kastama
  • Greg Nickels
  • Kim Wyman
  • Karen Murray
  • Sam Wright
David Anderson
David Anderson

David Anderson's website

Kathleen Drew
Kathleen Drew

Kathleen Drew's website

Jim Kastama
Jim Kastama

Jim Kastama' website

Greg Nickels
Greg Nickels

Greg Nickels's website

Karen Murray (did not participate)
Karen Murray

Karen Murray's website

Sam Wright (did not participate)
Sam Wright

Sam Wright's website


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Since the Primary is over, could KCTS make a shorter video with only Wyman and Drew's comments, that would be awesome.

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