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Incumbent Democrat Maria Cantwell debates Republican challenger Michael Baumgartner in the race for U.S. Senate, at the KCTS 9 Studios.

U.S. Senate Debate


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It's amazing there is a double digit spread in this race. WAKE UP WASHINGTON STATE!!


Senator Baumgartner was well prepared and his passion for supporting our troops is obviously sincere. Bring our troops home. The status quo isn't working and our current Senator has had 12 years to get something done. Time for a change, Mike Baumgartner has my vote.


Washington voters have a terrific opportunity to replace a hack politician with a well-informed, well-educated, energetic leader -- one with actual boots-on-the-ground experience in so many areas that matter today: economics, foreign policy, counter-terrorism, etc. Forget party politics and vote for your country. Baumgartner is the real deal.


Maria Cantwell bought and paid for her Senate seat with a sizeable personal fortune, knowing that DNC fundraisers would reimburse every penny which they did.

I'm not condemning her for having made a fortune to begin with, but it's hypocritical of her party to demonize the rich when so many of them make huge fortunes in their spare time while serving as United States Senators.

Cantwell is nothing but a party hack who serves the needs of Washington DC rather than Washington State.

When in doubt, vote incumbent out. It's time we drained that swamp.


I just LOOOOOVE the way this League of "Women" voters asks such OBVIOUSLY biased questions!!! SHEESH!!! The coal questions, the anthropologic gloBULL warming hypothesis (consensus is NOT scientific method) and the other questions that totally reveal her LIBTARD politics

Romney NEVER said he would "fire" Big Bird or the wimpy moderator. All he said was he would withdraw tax payer support of it!!! Which is 450 million dollars and we HAVE to cut spending somewhere!!! So while it may not be much, every little bit will help.

I would also suggest that we stop funding refurbishing mosques over seas with our tax money to the tune of $770 million, the foreign aid to countries with hostile Islamic leaders and other goofy things that are not a function of our government according to Article 1 section 8.


Cantwell hired self-avowed Communist Van Jones to be a Director of her co-founded Apollo Alliance. And why not? They're similar philosophically.


Cant'do'well fights against the $500 billion valued Pebble Mine in Alaska, a taxable resource that could fund tens of thousands of teacher jobs.

Further, as the gateway to Alaska, Washington State would benefit greatly from the mine's opening.


Cantwell was partly responsible for the BP Oil Spill. She was Chair of the Senate Energy Subcommittee overseeing offshore drilling. But she uses the same motto as Obama "The Buck NEVER Stops Here!"


"I have a buddy who spends money on Husky Football instead of insurance. Isn't he zany?"

Michael Baumgartner is just not ready for prime time.


I can't get it to play either. :(


I tried to watch the Cantwell-Baumgartner debate, but it wouldn't perform for me. I was able to get the vice presidential debate. I am disappointed.


Hello Guest,

What browser are you using? With our new video player, some browsers (such as firefox) must download the entire video before it will start playing. If you have a slower internet connection, this can take particularly long. We are working to correct this so that it downloads as it streams, but in the meantime if you leave the window open after clicking the play button it should start playing eventually.

Hope this helps!

KCTS 9 Staff


Thank you, Mr. Baumgartner for explaining your positions. As for our sitting senator, why didn't you have any answers?


Baumgartner clearly won this debate... love what he had to say about foreign policy.


Maria Cantverywell was probably preoccupied with thoughts of her married boyfriend in DC.


I find it insulting that Cantwell takes this election so much for granted that she apparently spent no more than 5 minutes getting prepared for this debate.


Nicely done Mr Baumgartner. After that debate she may want to change her name to Maria Cantdoverymuchwell.... Wow she was less prepared than President Obama was.

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