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Initiative 502 would legalize and regulate marijuana for personal use in Washington state. Is it a sensible solution or opening the flood gates to a bigger drug problem? Hear the arguments on both sides.

Initiative 502 Debate


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You want to compare cannabis to a legal drug, try caffeine (which is actually slightly more harmful).


I'm glad to see this passed. Marijuana criminalization has no adequate basis and is just something we've accepted as part of the status quo. We shouldn't allow the government to take our rights through emotionally-charged rhetoric. This is a good start, but the federal marijuana laws need to be challenged.


sabet did a fantastic job ... we never hear this side ... sensible, science and factual based ...

who needs pot available at a store, it's easy enough to get already.


Sabet regurgitated 70 year old lies, and was entirely unconvincing. Comparing the social costs of alcohol to cannabis?!? Alcohol is a HARD DRUG. Alcohol kills people daily, cannabis has never killed anyone.

You want to compare cannabis to a legal drug, try caffeine (which is actually slightly more harmful).

The idea that "its available enough already" totally misses the point of this initiative, and ignores the massive harm of prohibition.

This about taking billions in profits away from organized crime, preventing the needless criminalization of otherwise law abiding citizens, and making harder for minors to get marijuana.

Vote YES on I-502


The guest comment below mine was posted by the dude who got crushed in this debate.
So sad he has to pad the comments because he knows he lost so bad.


Hey bro, don't be so upset that not everyone shares your view. I just had a kid and legalization isn't going to be good for him. As a Latino this is a big issue for all of us. It's amazing how this issue is only advocated by the white privilege.


Not sure why being a Latino makes it a big issue for you and your kid. What's your point?


This convinced me to Vote no on 502. I love Public Television. It makes me better informed.


They didn't invite "No on 502" (read: Steve Sarich), because they are a fringe group who've proven themselves both incompetent, and flagrantly dishonest.

Including them would not be appropriate.


Haha...it must really suck for drug warriors to be getting their hind quarters handed to them by a bunch of "stoners" with only around $5K in donations.

They are rolling you up like a joint and smoking you for recreational purposes!

1-502 is the new DRUG WAR 3.0



Once again LWV LIED to the public. They said the next "debate" would have people who are No on 502. Guess LWV must be getting some type of kick back from NAW 502 people.


Did you even invite the official "No on I-502" group to this debate?


Yes on I-502!

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