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All New Episodes of Daniel Tiger & Peg + Cat
Starting Monday, Sept 7

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Kids Schedule:

Every Weekday 6am to 3pm
Weekends 6am to 11am

Monday - Friday Schedule

6:00 Sid the Science Kid
6:30 Arthur (DVI)
7:00 Odd Squad (DVI)
7:30 Wild Kratts
8:00 Curious George
8:30 Curious George
9:00 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (DVI)
9:30 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (DVI)
10:00 Sesame Street (DVI)
11:00 Dinosaur Train
11:30 Dinosaur Train
12:00 Peg + Cat (DVI)
12:30 Peg + Cat (DVI)
1:00 Super WHY! (DVI)
1:30 Thomas & Friends (DVI)
2:00 Sesame Street (DVI)
2:30 The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!


6:00 SAT: Clifford the Big Red Dog (ST)
SUN: Thomas & Friends(DVI)
6:30 SAT: The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (ST)
SUN: Peg + Cat (DVI)
7:00 Curious George
7:30 Curious George
8:00 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
8:30 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
9:00 Sesame Street (DVI)
9:30 SAT: Dinosaur Train
SUN: Space Racers
10:00 SAT: Wild Kratts
SUN: Sid the Science Kid
10:30 SAT: Wild Kratts
SUN: SciGirls (DVI)

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