The Top 10 Videos of 2011

Counting down the 10 most popular videos in 2011, based on page views:
Bainbridge Island Liveaboard Battle
10. Bainbridge Island Liveaboard Battle

The State department threatens to evict the so-called "liveaboards" from Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island.

Gates Foundation Opening
9. Gates Foundation Opening

We get a first look at the new facility, and profile some of the work the Gates Foundation is doing to fight homelessness and improve education in Washington state.

8. Air Pollution Crisis in South Seattle

This report examines the fallout of truck emissions in south Seattle, which a new study says has some of the worst air in the state.

Land of Beauty & Bounty
7. Land of Beauty & Bounty

Exploring how landscape paintings and photographs of the late 19th Century fueled the world's fascination with the Western Frontier.

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing
6. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

"One Last Thing" provides an inside look at Steve Jobs and the major influences that helped shape his life and career.

Teen Refugees in Seattle
5. Teen Refugees in Seattle

Teenage refugees share the challenges they face coming to America through a digital storytelling project.

Gangs and Guns in Washington state | KCTS 9 CONNECTS
4. Gangs and Guns in Washington state

An in-depth look at the rising gang problem and gun violence in Washington state.

Paddle to Seattle
3. Paddle to Seattle

Two friends build their own kayaks and travel an epic adventure that takes them over 1,300 miles from Alaska to Seattle.

Something in the Water
2. Something in the Water

"Something in the Water" explores the world of two venerable Seattle institutions - KEXP and Sub Pop Records.

On Shaky Ground: Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest
1. Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest

We show the types of powerful earthquakes that pose the greatest risk to the Northwest region and what you should be doing to protect your home and your family.