bike polo, born in the 206

Beef up that bike, add a mallet and find a hard court and you have a Seattle-born sport that spread worldwide. We go inside the fence as players mash it up and tell us that bike polo is a sport that anyone on a bike can learn.

hopscotch cd

Residents in Seattle’s Central District create a 1.8-mile-long hopscotch path.

stormin' seattle

Forget the Sonics. Seattle has a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM already. PIE profiles the Storm as they start their newest season with new players and a lot of promise.

old guy skateboarders

Profiling a group of local forty-somethings who prove that you’re never too old to kickflip at the skate park.

duck dodge

Every Tuesday night on Lake Union throughout the summer, local sailors hold a mini-regatta. But this summer tradition is more about community than competition.

adventure cycling

Willie Weir and his partner Kat Marriner have been exploring the world by bicycle since 1996, traveling more than 60,000 miles. We talk adventures and what’s next for these prolific peddlers.

smash putt

What happens when you combine putt-putt golf with Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome? You get Smash Putt - the rise of miniature golf apocalypse.

art seen: toddler boogaloo

Local toddlers learn how to breakdance from one of the country's top crews - the Massive Monkees. [ go to a Mini Breaks class ]

love seattle

A Seattle filmmaker's video letter to Clay Bennett, who bought the Sonics and then moved them to Oklahoma, breaking the hearts of loyal basketball fans.