neptune the dog

Carrie Lane is the owner of K9 Lap of Luxury in Lynden, WA, and the owner/trainer who recently took Neptune the bullmastiff to the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show.

bike polo

Leave it to people in Seattle to develop the unique pedal-powered sport of bike polo.

native hoops

Seattle Clear Sky Native Youth Pride Basketball Camp aims to help native youth to improve hoops skills and reinforce identity and pride.

seahawks tribute haiku

Bill Radke summons his inner "KCTS 9th man" to deliver this illustrated poem in tribute to and in support the Seattle Seahawks. Yes, Bill is a fan!

skate like a girl

Girls and women of all ages are learning to ride skateboards and leaning on each other at an indoor skatepark in Wallingford. See how Skate Like A Girl is building community and empowering young women through workshops and camps.

it's the jam

Experience the thrill and rush of roller derby as Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls' Rain of Terror take on New York's Gotham Girls' Wall St. Traitors in the final night of the 2013 regular season.

film: dodgeball

It's David versus Goliath on the dodgeball court in this animated short from the Vancouver Film School, directed by student Nicolas Torres.

parkour in the park

She runs, jumps and scrambles over urban obstacles with the greatest of ease. Brandee Laird introduces us to the art of Parkour at Seattle's Gas Works Park.

the first family of pro squash

A local family has put Seattle on the map when it comes to squash. Meet the Khans - three generations of national and international squash champions.

old guy skateboarders

Hard to believe, but the skateboard is over 60 year old. So why shouldn’t a 60 yr old be riding one? Well, they are. We look at the fun that old dudes are having at the skatepark.