spark museum

Bellingham's SPARK Museum features an amazing collection of artifacts from the earliest era of electrical invention up through the radio era.

vanishing ice

Art historian and curator Barbara Matilsky has created an exhibit for the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham called "Vanishing Ice," that looks at climate change through the eyes of painters and photographers.

reinventing the toilet

To improve sanitation for 2.5 billion people worldwide, the Gates Foundation challenged researchers to re-invent the toilet and held a toilet fair on their campus.

bizarre phobias

Alektorophobia, pluviophobia, coulrophobia? Profiling some of the most bizarre phobias, including fear of trees, puppets, chickens and clowns.

the bug chef

Ever eaten a bug on a dare? David George Gordon, bug cookbook author, shows PIE how insects can be prepared and eaten as good-for-you food.

the real seahawk

The bird represented in the Seattle Seahawks' logo may not be a seahawk after all. Ornithology Curator John Klicka from the Burke Museum of Natual History and Culture shows us the real bird our team is probably named after.

space store secret mission

Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. will sell you dark matter or a map of the known universe, but will it share its secret mission? [Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company]

film: space bar

What really happened when man first landed on the moon? Find out, as told in this short film from Nicholas Hogan and the Vancouver Film School. [Vancouver Film School]

aboard the shuttle

Before any astronaut could fly on the space shuttle, they had to train on the FFT — the Full Fuselage Space Shuttle Trainer, now located at the Museum of Flight and open to non-astronaut visitors. [Museum of Flight]


A technological journey through the mind, by director James Reeves.