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Reel NW

Chasing the Sun
While on an ill-conceived road trip, two siblings face off with hope and despair.
From the Sky
A father and son try to cope with the effects of drone warfare in their region of the Middle East.
Gyre: Creating Art From a Plastic Ocean
Journey along the remote Alaskan coast—in search of garbage.
Stefanie Malone, Executive Director of NFFTY
Watch the video to hear Malone speak passionately about why she loves the festival and the opportunity it provides young filmmakers.
Maiden of Deception Pass
Long ago a maiden named Ko-kwahl-alwoot risked her life to save the Samish people from starvation.
Shade of Music - REEL NW
Shade of Music
An unlikely friendship between two elderly neighbors reveals the healing power of kindness, love and music.