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Welcome to Doe Bay

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A documentary about the greatest music festival you’ve never heard of.

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WELCOME TO DOE BAY Watch the full length documentary


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About the Film

While many of the stakeholders of traditional, big market music conglomerates fight over the crumbs of the dying music industry, musicians, bloggers, and small independent record labels have been quietly changing the nature of how musicians and music lovers find each other. Welcome to Doe Bay chronicles how innovative, resourceful and creative individuals can band together to create a truly unique musical experience. The film documents how these hard-working and compelling characters have successfully created something authentic and inspiring.

Reel NW - Welcome to Doe Bay

Music by The Head and the Heart, Maldives, Champagne Champagne, Damien Jurado, Pickwick, Lemolo, Fly Moon Royalty, Bryan John Appleby, Sera Cahoone, Ravenna Woods, Campfire Ok, OK Sweetheart, Kelli Schaefer and Ben Fisher.

WELCOME TO DOE BAY: A documentary about the greatest music festival you’ve never heard of.

2012 Seattle International Film Festival official selection - BEST OF FEST

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About the Filmmakers

Daniel Thornton, Executive Producer/Director
Dan has been making films since he graduated college in 1990. He has worked in narrative features, documentaries, industrial video, sports broadcasting and commercials. From 1995 until 2002 he was a partner in a post—production house in Baltimore Maryland and since 2000 has been on the faculty of Bellevue College. He was also a founder and director of the Northwest Documentary Association from 2003 until 2008 and has taught at regional media organizations such as 911 Media Arts and The Northwest Film Forum.

Nesib CB Shamah, Executive Producer/Director
Born in raised in New Orleans, CB Shamah’s love for film was formed by inappropriate early access to the films of Bunuel and Fellini. After a six-year sojourn traveling around the United States, working on sets and collecting experiences, CB settled in the Pacific NW graduating from Seattle Film Institute with a focus on cinematography. Of recent note, CB has produced and shot live music, the web series “ This Week at Columbia City,” and has camera credits for “A Visitor In The Night,” “Measure Of Comfort,” “Aurora Stories” and was Cinematographer / Producer for the feature “Spree”.

Sarah Crowe, Executive Producer
Sarah R. Crowe is meant to be the curator of an idea rather than its creator. She is a literal being; her mind is built for organizing and logistics. She has never wanted to write or direct, but instead provide support to the filmmaking process. “Welcome to Doe Bay” to is the second feature doc Sarah has produced. She has been working in the WA film community for over 4 years, splitting her time producing, coordinating and assistant directing. Her experience covers everything from webs series, short films, narrative features, reality TV and documentaries. Credits include “Top Chef” season 10, “Reviens Moi” 2012 Seattle Fly Film, “The Hit List,” ”The Off Hours,” “Eden,” “All I Want is Christmas,” “Desert Cathedral,” “Dichotomy,” “Our Bodies Are Made of Dust and Clay,” and Executive Producer of the Seattle bike polo documentary, “Hit ‘Em In the Mouth,” which has been shown in over 6 cities worldwide.

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