TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears

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TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Documentary chronicling the rise and fall of the pioneering Seattle grunge band TAD. ONLINE ONLY.

About the Film

About the Film “TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears” chronicles the rise and fall of the pioneering Seattle grunge band TAD. It follows the band from their height - when they were one of the most influential bands of the Seattle scene -- to their low, when they were riddled with lawsuits and dumped by their label. Featuring rare footage of the band, from its club days to the arenas, as well as perspectives from other grunge-era musicians such as Mudhoney’s Mark Arm and Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil, “TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears” is a story of the band that could have been.

Film Synopsis

Film SynopsisFounded in 1988, the Seattle band TAD was the epitome of heavy. Their music was chest-rattling loud, and they were fronted by the imposing Tad Doyle. When Doyle put together the first lineup of TAD, with himself on guitar and vocals, Kurt Danielson on bass, Gary Thorensten on guitar, and Steve Weid on drums, the band quickly became one of the essential bands of the grunge scene, known for their gritty songs and memorable stage presence.

TAD had just released their second record, 8-Way Santa, for Sub Pop in 1991 when their troubles began. First, their record had to be pulled after only two weeks because the woman in the picture on the cover -- which had been found in a thrift store -- sued the label. Then, later, after TAD left Sub Pop for a major label, they were promptly dropped because of controversy over a tour poster. Soon the band began to fall apart for the age-old reason other bands fell apart -- drugs started to take their toll.

“TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears’ is the story of the band that could have been – if not thwarted time and again by bad luck.

About the Filmmakers

About the FilmmakersRyan Short, originally from Hoquiam, Washington, and Adam Pease, from Spokane, met in 2002 at film school at the Art Institute of Seattle. The two bonded instantly over each other’s sense of humor and worked on projects together throughout college. After college they founded King of Hearts Productions, a company specializing in music industry-related productions. By their early 20s, they had live concert DVDs in stores worldwide and many music videos to their credit on MTV and other music video outlets.

In 2005 Short and Pease made their first documentary film, "The Battle of Myrtle Street,” about century-old football rivalry between the Washington towns of Hoquiam and Aberdeen. In 2008 they released their second feature, "TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears” about the iconic Seattle grunge band TAD. They also produced a concert documentary for the Chicago band Local H. In 2009 they began production on a documentary about the Seattle grunge band Mudhoney titled "I'm Now." The movie is slated to be released in 2012.

Filmmakers' Statement

We’re proud to present to you this rock documentary on a hugely (emphasis on huge) influential band from the Seattle grunge scene. TAD’s story is one of great triumph and tragedy, and a story to be seen and heard. With the release of this film, a new generation has a chance to discover the music that firmly cemented TAD in Seattle’s music pantheon.

Our lives were filled with many sleepless nights during the making of this movie. With hundreds of hours of archival footage and new interviews, we definitely had our work cut out for us. The end result was worth every yawn, cup of coffee, frustration and late rent payment. This was a project of passion for us, and it is one we are proud to show you.


Ryan Short & Adam Pease

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