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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hood To Coast follows four teams on an epic journey to conquer the world’s largest relay race.

About the Film

Hood To Coast follows four teams on an epic journey to conquer the world’s largest relay race. A 67-year-old heart attack survivor returns to conquer the race that nearly killed her, a family in mourning runs to honor the memory of their beloved, a group of film animators test the limits of their athleticism (or lack thereof), and a group of aging jocks show they still know how to have a good time. A celebration of personal determination and the power of family, Hood To Coast proves that you’re never too old or too young to attempt the extraordinary.

Making of 'Hood to Coast'

About the Filmmaker

Christoph Baaden (Director, Producer) is a film and television professional as well as the Executive Director of Film For Thought, Inc. Born in Germany, he worked in Berlin as a TV Producer until 1999 when he moved to the US to study Film and Television Production. An Emmy winner, he has been hired by Sony, Universal Music Group, the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel and the History Channel as editor, director, or producer. Christoph ran the HTC race for the first time in 2007 and it changed his life.

Marcie Hume (Producer, Co-Director) began her career in documentary television in London. She has worked in both development and production on BBC and Channel 4 factual programs. Before embarking on Hood to Coast she worked on the acclaimed prime-time current affairs series Dispatches on Channel 4 (UK). She most recently served as Development Producer for BBC factual entertainment, and as Producer on the Channel 4/National Geographic series Rebuilding Titanic, airing soon on National Geographic.

Anna Campbell (Producer, Creative Director of Film For Thought, Inc.) served as a producer for Hood To Coast. She graduated from Vassar and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She has appeared in series (Mad Men, NCIS Los Angeles, Veronica Mars, Without a Trace) and films (Journeyman, Order of Chaos) .She is currently producing an independent thriller. A Portland native and Hood To Coast veteran runner, she is committed to bringing more film production to Portland.

Filmmakers' Statement

We have always been drawn to character-driven films that reveal the world through the eyes of seemingly everyday people, showing something special about their perspective that is not otherwise apparent. The Hood to Coast Race provided a common ground for us to follow 4 running teams, each at different phases of their lives, and with differing motivations for committing to such a grueling event. Each team, however, shares a yearning for something larger—whether it's healing, personal achievement, extreme play, or a dive into the unknown.

Reel NW Hood to Coast

From the moment we first spoke to Kathy, we felt her incredible determination to get back to the race that she loved so much. Running had been such a part of her life before her heart attack and she had a perseverance to continue running, while learning to live with a change in her abilities. We picked the team of animators because they expressed the universal desire to throw themselves into a new experience and shake off the complacency of the day-to-day. The Dead Jocks shared a dynamic, heartened way of coming to grips with aging, and Team R. Bowe allowed us to capture an intimate piece of their family's journey to go on living, despite unbearable grief.

But beyond all of their stories, we aimed to illuminate something that we all experience in one form or another: the drive to put oneself into uncharted territory with the potential to expand and inform the rest of one's life.

It took us more than six months to prepare to capture the event which unfolds over nearly 40 hours—not to mention a crew of 110, 30 cameras, 3 jibs, and a Cineplex helicopter. Much of the 197-mile course winds through deep Oregon backcountry with no cell phone reception. Every technical and creative decision we made was beholden to the spirit of the event: the personal journeys of each character would be the focus, not their finish times. Our goal was to uncover the small triumphs, the subtle absurdities and the personal victories of each of our subjects—illuminating the fundamental human traits that reliably emerge in the context of such unbounded determination and tenacity.

At its core, the film focuses on the resilience of the human spirit, and like in any good road movie, the journey is more important than the finish line. All of us must forge our own path through both the day-to-day, and the immense challenges that we face—as we each find our way out there, in the middle of the night.

- Christoph Baaden & Marcie Hume June 2011

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