Reel NW | Extra

Reel NW | Extra

Icons Among Us Interview

Reel NW host Warren Etheredge interviews filmmakers John W. Comerford (producer) and Peter J. Vogt (co-director) of Icons Among Us: jazz in the present tense.

Interview with the Director of Cement Suitcase

What is it like to make a film in a small town that is not used to having film sets around? What made Dwayne Bartholomew a perfect fit for the lead role? Find out in this two-part interview with director J. Rick Castañeda of Reel NW feature film Cement Suitcase. Warren Etheredge hosts.

Holy Rollers Interview

How did director Bryan Storkel come to make a documentary about Christian card counting blackjack players? Is card counting cheating? How do the players reconcile their Christian beliefs with playing blackjack and card counting? Find out answers to these and more in this interview with the filmmakers.

Interview with the Filmmakers of Forty-Seven Views of Laslie Laskey

Life After FIX: The Story of an Addicted City

Hear from the director and individuals involved in the story and learned about the the progress since the documentary was first released.

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Reel NW Extra: Interview with director Zach Weintraub and star Justine Eister

Warren Etheredge talks to director Zach Weintraub and star Justine Eister about their unconventional feature film, YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG.

Reel NW Extra: Interview with filmmakers Angela Tucker and Bryan Tucker

Did the couple know from the beginning that they would make a documentary? What was the driving force in Angela's quest to find her birth mother? What happened when Angela met her birth dad for the first time? Hear answers to these and more from Angela and Bryan Tucker in this conversation with Warren Etheredge.

In part 2 of the interview, Angela talks about what she believes is the meaning of family, the initial heartbreak of meeting her birth mother the first time, and her hope for other adoptees.

Reel NW Extra - Interview with filmmaker John Helde

Warren Etheredge talks to director John Helde about his experience of making the documentary and the state of small family farms in the US.

Reel NW Extra: SAVING LUNA - Interview with filmmakers Michael Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm

Michael Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm went to Nootka Sound for a few weeks to cover a story for a magazine, they ended up staying three years. Find out why, in this interview with the filmmakers. Hosted by Warren Etheredge. Learn more about SAVING LUNA.

What do we do if a story like Luna's happens again? Warren Etheredge asks the filmmakers of SAVING LUNA in part 2 of the interview.

Reel NW Extra: Filmmaker Lynn Shelton interviews Reel NW Shorts filmmakers

Award winning director Lynn Shelton talks with three of the filmmakers, Eric Becker (Honor the Treaties), Peter Edlund (Love, Seattle), and Jhene Erwin (The House I Keep), from Reel NW season 3 shorts about their work and the film scene in Seattle.

Reel NW Extra: Interview with 'Welcome to Doe Bay' filmmakers, hosted by John Keister

Writer and comedian John Keister hosts a conversation with Dan Thornton, Nesib C.B. Shamah, and Sarah Crowe, the filmmakers of Reel NW feature, Welcome to Doe Bay.