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Bone Wind Fire is an intimate and evocative journey into the hearts, minds and eyes of Georgia O'Keeffe, Emily Carr and Frida Kahlo—three of the 20th century's most remarkable artists. Georgia O'Keeffe lived and painted in the sun-baked clarity of the American Southwest; Emily Carr in the lush jungled green of the BC rainforests; and Frida Kahlo in the hot and dusty clamour of Mexico City. Each woman had her own response to her environment, to the people that surrounded her and to the artistic or practical challenges she faced in wringing beauty and truth from her particular time and place. Bone Wind Fire uses the women's own words, taken from their letters and diaries, to reveal three individual creative processes in all their subtle and fascinating variety. In thirty carefully prepared and creatively photographed minutes, the film captures the view through the artists' eyes.

Image courtesy of National Film Board of Canada

About the Filmmaker

About the Filmmaker

Jill Sharpe has been making films since the early 1990s. Her interests, and accordingly the subjects of her films, range from social justice issues to media and culture, and more recently to painting. Her documentary work includes 'In the Company of Fear' (1999); 'CultureJam: Hijacking Commercial Culture' (2002); 'Weird Sex and Snowshoes: A Trek Through the Canadian Cinematic Psyche' (2004); 'Girls Don’t Fight' (2005); 'Corporations in the Classroom' (2007); and now 'Bone Wind Fire'.

Bone Wind Fire


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Jill Sharpe has proved once again that she is gifted with a very rare craftsmanship that only a very few get. Bone wind fire needs no mention as a great film of great valor and substance. The way the director was able to execute the move was great. Winning an academy award is great achievement for her in her short span of film career.


I was not able to finish watching this piece last night and would love to know if it is available on DVD or will ever be available.


Thanks for your interest in BONE WIND FIRE. You can order DVDs off my website and also see my paintings inspired by the film at:


Hello Guest,

It does not appear we currently have a DVD of this available, but "Bone Wind Fire" will be re-airing tonight at 10:30pm.

Hope this helps!

KCTS 9 Staff


I had to force myself to bed last night even though Bone Wind Fire came on and I wanted to watch it! Will it be aired again?
I have told three people about it today because I though it was so beautiful, even though I only saw the first 5 or 10 minutes.


We very much appreciate your interest in the film. Unfortunately it is not currently scheduled for a repeat broadcast, but it will probably air again on KCTS 9 at some point before our license expires in 2015.

Randy Brinson
Executive Director of Programming


Thank you for posting another fine program online. I was worried I'd missed it especially after my neighbor recommended it. What a relief to find it on your website.

Some of the beautiful scenes in the online version are rather pixelated. Any chance you might post a less compressed version? I'd gladly watch it again in higher definition or perhaps there's a scheduled rebroadcast?

Thank you again,


Hello Charlie,

It will most likely rebroadcast at some point, but has not as yet been scheduled. As for online streaming, what browser are you using? Some browsers (like Firefox, IE) fall back to Flash for our video player, which makes the video appear pixely. Hope this helps!

KCTS 9 Staff


Thank you for the reply. IE is my browser. I first tried it in Flash and then pulled it down as a relatively small 120mb mp4 and watched it on my daughter's PS3 and HDtv. Is it available in a bigger file size? I could try it on Chrome. Might you know a better viewer? It's a visual treat so I'll be eager for the rebroadcast.


Hello Charlie,

It'll definitely look better in Chrome. We unfortunately can't stream HD files at this time, but that is something we're ultimately working towards. Hope this helps!

KCTS 9 Staff


Truly enjoyed this film. Will it be repeated or will it be available later to view online? Several friends missed it and hope to get to see it!


Hi Chris,

Glad that you enjoyed the film. It is now online for a limited time. Click the 'Watch Now' button above to view the full film. Thank you for your comment!

Laila, KCTS Staff


I am so delighted that Jill Sharpe is highlighting the lives and works of these three talented and interesting women.
So looking forward to seeing this tonight. I have read all of Emily Carr's books, traveled to Haida Gwaii to see the places she wrote about, and the same for Georgia O' Keefe . I have thought how little we really know about these women, and I think this film will give them the exposure they deserve. Thanks Jill and KCTS!




Delighted KCTS is showing this film!

Anyone interested in viewing the series of paintings I made also entitled BONE WIND FIRE (yes - inspired by the film) that had a 2 month solo show at the Emily Carr House in Victoria and a 1 month exhibit at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum's Education Annex in Santa Fe in 2012 and will tour to Monterrey Mexico in 2013, please visit


Barbara, thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the film!

Jill, we are delighted to have your film on Reel NW and have added your website to the page as well. Thanks for the link.


Laila, KCTS 9

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