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Robert Horton Recommends: More Like "One Big Hapa Family"

This week, film critic Robert Horton looks at some other films that deal with Japanese-Canadian internment and multiracial identity.

Japanese-Canadian Interracial Marriage: Echoes of the Internment

Canada is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, and it’s getting more so. In 2006 Statistics Canada reported that the number of mixed marriages or common-law unions – where one member was from a visible minority group – had increased by 33 percent since 2001.

Robert Horton Recommends: More Like "Mighty Jerome"

Film critic Robert Horton recommends other movies that mix the themes of race and sports like "Mighty Jerome" does.

Interview with "Mighty Jerome" Director Charles Officer

In this interview, Charles Officer, a former professional hockey player and now the acclaimed director of films like "Nurse.Fighter.Boy," talks about what drew him to the story of black Canadian sprinter Harry Jerome. His film, "Mighty Jerome," aired on Reel NW on November 7.

Robert Horton Recommends: More Like "Smoke, Sand & Rubber"

Film critic Robert Horton recommends other independent films you might enjoy if you like what you’ve seen on Reel NW.

The Race to Be the World's Fastest Man

Usain Bolt of Jamaica

Canadian sprinter Harry Jerome, the subject of Charles Officer’s documentary "Mighty Jerome," was once crowned the “fastest man on earth.” How does one earn such a superlative?

Photos of Aurora Speedway and Playland

Mel Anthony at Aurora Speedway

Mel Anthony, the subject of the documentary "Smoke, Sand & Rubber," used to race midget cars at Aurora Speedway in what is now Seattle back in the 1940s and 1950s. This picture was taken there in 1946.

Aurora Speedway was part of the popular Playland Amusement Park, which offered such entertainments as bumper cars, a rollercoaster, dance marathons, and boat rides on Bitter Lake.

Happy Halloween from the Reel NW Team!

Behind the Scenes @ReelNW: Meet Amelia

The second season of Reel NW, our showcase of the best in independent film from or about the Pacific Northwest, is off to a great start. The third film in the series, "Smoke, Sand, & Rubber," is coming up this Monday night, October 31, at 10:30 p.m. This documentary is about Mel Anthony, who used to race midget cars at Aurora Speedway in Seattle and who decides, at the age of 86, to get behind the wheel again.

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