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Jeff Chiba Stearns Talks About "One Big Hapa Family"

Jeff Chiba Stearns talks to Robert Horton about how a reunion led to his film "One Big Hapa Family," and about his latest project, “Mixed Match.”

Dan Merchant Talks About "Lord, Save Us"

At Vermillion in Seattle, Dan Merchant, the director of "Lord, Save Us from Your Followers," talks to the film critic Robert Horton about why he made his film and why he put himself in it.

Producer Dan Dumas on What Makes a Reel NW Film

Now that Season 2 of Reel NW is in re-broadcast, it seemed like an excellent time to sit down with Reel NW producer Dan Dumas and chat about how he finds the films on Reel NW and what makes a Reel NW film. Season 2 of Reel NW was really diverse, with everything from documentaries about homeless shopping cart racers to a “horror film” about parents who suddenly started dressing like teens. What are you looking for in a Reel NW film? Is diversity one of your goals?

Filmmaker Ian McCluskey on How He Funded "Summer Snapshot"


Filmmaker Ian McCluskey, the director of "Summer Snapshot," talks about the precarious nature of documentary funding, and why he never sees his audience as just viewers.

Edmiston’s Film a “Cool” Experience for Seattle-Area High School Kids

The film critic Robert Horton talks to Steve Edmiston, the director of “The Day My Parents Became Cool,” about the making of his film.

Robert Horton Recommends: More Like "Lord, Save Us"

This week, the film critic Robert Horton recommends a few films with religious themes.

Robert Horton Recommends: More Like "Clear Cut"

This week, the film critic Robert Horton suggests three films you might like if you liked “Clear Cut.”

Interview with "Clear Cut" Director Peter Richardson

Film critic Robert Horton interviews the filmmaker Peter Richardson, whose film “Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon" airs on Reel NW on Monday, Dec. 12, at 10 p.m.

The Particular Character of Northwest Film

The film critic Robert Horton ponders whether there is a particular quality to Northwest film.

TAD Lives on - on YouTube

While the Seattle band TAD broke up in 1999, thanks to their music videos, the band lives on - on YouTube. Here are a few old gems you can find there: