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Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2014

It's that time of year again...time to get STIFF-ed! Seattle True Independent Film Festival, a fest dedicated to the exhibition of independent, underground, experimental and zero budget films, kicks off this Friday, May 2 with an opening night block party and screening of BEN'S AT HOME at Lucid.

MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY featuring OCnotes "Walk"

Happy spring, Northwest! Take a page out of OCnotes and Stephan Gray's book and go for a "Walk."

SIFF Spotlight: Fat Kid Rules the World

Everyone should know STARCIA

Music Video Monday: a Kithkin Double Feature

Seattle band Kithkin released their latest collaboration with Altrac Productions yesterday.

Local Sightings 2013 in Review

Local Sightings 2013 in Review

Music Video Monday featuring Tacocat's "Hey Girl"

"Sweaty jerks" get called out in this "lovingly handmade" video for Seattle band Tacocat's "Hey Girl," directed by fellow Seattleites Eric J. Olson and James Smith. Sweaty jerks they are not.

Where have you gone $5 COVER: SEATTLE?

Today I had intended to post a link to Lynn Shelton's Seattle music series $5 COVER (in keeping with the April 4th broadcast of music doc WELCOME TO DOE BAY). I watched this series when I moved to the city three years ago, and from the first episode, I could not stop buzzing with excitement. I was living in a city with all of these creative minds? And would have opportunities aplenty to see this sort of amazing music live?? It seemed too good to be true.
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