SIFF Spotlight: Fat Kid Rules the World

SIFF Spotlight: Fat Kid Rules the World

In honor of the upcoming 40th Seattle International Film Festival (May 15 - June 8, 2014), we thought we'd spotlight a few of our favorite regional films that have screened at the fest in recent history. We have featured several SIFF selections on Reel NW, including WHEEDLE'S GROOVE, WELCOME TO DOE BAY, SWEET CRUDE, BACK TO THE GARDEN: FLOWER POWER, and PERFECT SPORT. We also presented the REEL NW AWARD to Megan Griffith's EDEN (Abduction of Eden) in 2012 and to Stephen Silha & Eric Slade's BIG JOY: THE ADVENTURES OF JAMES BROUGHTON last year.

Every year SIFF selects a new batch of worthwhile Northwest films, a few of which will surely (hopefully) pop up in future years of Reel NW. Although we have no official affiliation with this film, we think a fine example of one of these worthwhile SIFF picks is FAT KID RULES THE WORLD. The directorial debut of actor Matthew Lillard, this film is deeply embedded in the Seattle scene, but will undoubtedly appeal to an audience beyond the Seattle-metro area. Roger Ebert describes it as "smart and observant, and when its laughs come, they're of the dark humor variety." (Read the rest of Ebert's review here.) The film does contain some material that may not be suitable for all ages, but the overall message of the film is something we consider worth sharing the World. Check it out on Netflix, and get your tickets for SIFF 2014 today!


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