Producer Dan Dumas on What Makes a Reel NW Film

Producer Dan Dumas on What Makes a Reel NW Film

Now that Season 2 of Reel NW is in re-broadcast, it seemed like an excellent time to sit down with Reel NW producer Dan Dumas and chat about how he finds the films on Reel NW and what makes a Reel NW film. Season 2 of Reel NW was really diverse, with everything from documentaries about homeless shopping cart racers to a “horror film” about parents who suddenly started dressing like teens. What are you looking for in a Reel NW film? Is diversity one of your goals? There isn’t one thing I look for in a film. Instead, I look for a mix of elements such as a great story, great cinematography, an emotional attachment, the ability to grab the viewer--or a combination of these. Diversity is nice to have. I like being able to show a variety of films all over the emotional spectrum. It gives viewers a reason to tune in to the next episode. The Pacific Northwest isn’t a film center like LA or New York. Does that make for a different kind of film, do you think? The Northwest is a great place to create a film, especially an independent film. Filmmakers here are not afraid to step out and try new concepts and new ideas. You could place the Northwest at or above LA and NY when it comes to independent filmmaking, considering the avid community support for independent filmmakers. In my opinion, films made in the Northwest have their own unique character and distinctive qualities. It’s what makes a series like Reel NW possible. How do you go about choosing the films on Reel NW? First, and most important, is our open call for entries from the community. Second, we have great connections with all of the local film festivals, and we’re always on the lookout for local films on the festival circuit. Third is a combination of word-of-mouth and social networking. A lot of independent films do a great job of leveraging social media. This helps us find great films that would have otherwise gone under the radar. So, if you are a Northwest filmmaker and you have a film you want considered for Reel NW, what should you do? First, fill out this form (closed). Then send a DVD of your film to: Reel NW KCTS 9 401 Mercer St. Seattle, WA, 98109 We look at every film that comes to us. Even if we don’t select your film, we still can help you get ready for a broadcast audience or broadcast distribution--or help with any creative or technical questions you might have. Part of Reel NW’s goal is to provide support to the filmmaking community and help filmmakers get the most out of their projects. When can we look forward to Season 3? No dates are set in stone yet, but we are aiming to premiere Season 3 in the middle of next winter.


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First, fill out this form.

I'd like to submit but thought I should let you know that the 'form' above is not available.

Steven Davies.

Hello Steven,

Sorry about that, the URL seemed to have mistakenly been changed. It is now fixed. You can submit your film at

KCTS 9 Staff

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