Happy Streaming!

Happy Streaming!

You might have missed some Reel NW films when they aired, but don't worry - you can still catch many of them online, on our website. Here's a handy list of available Reel NW films from this season and last. Happy streaming!


  • "Animated Shorts" - six animated shorts by Northwest filmmakers.
  • "Carts of Darkness" – homeless bottle-pickers in North Vancouver turn shopping cart racing into an extreme sport.
  • "Long Shorts" - four longer short films by Northwest filmmakers, including the narrative films "The Day My Parents Became Cool" and "Maria in the Kitchen."
  • "Lord, Save Us From Your Followers" - the story of one man's journey to see if he can have a genuin - and civil - conversation about faith.
  • McCracken & Blank” – two short films about artists inspired by the natural beauty of the Northwest – the sculptor Philip McCracken and the glass artist Martin Blank.
  • "TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears" - a rockumentary on the Seattle band TAD.
  • SEASON 1

  • "American Collectors" - the complex relationship between collectors and their objet du désir.
  • "Between the Laughter" - the story of deaf comedian Stephen O'Keefe.
  • "Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai" - four American men and their Chinese guide bike between China's two largest cities.
  • "Paddle to Seattle" - the story of two friends who kayak alone for 97 days from Alaska to Seattle.
  • "Perfect Sport" -- the story of a high school wrestler who must grapple with his personal demons.
  • "Rebuilding Hope - the story of three Sudanese refugees who return home to look for surviving family members.
  • "Unlisted" -- the story of a woman's troubled relationship with her schizophrenic father.

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