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American Collectors

Friday, April 8, 2011

Documentary looking at the relationship between collectors and their objet du désir. What drives these obsessions?

About the Film

About the FilmMost of us know someone who collects —30% of Americans do— and we love them anyway. But what drives obsessions such as this? That is the beating heart and prime directive of this verité documentary that examines the relationship between people and their objet du désir.

From rock band KISS memorabilia to antique axes, from bobble heads to a giant ball of string, each collector tells their story, and each fascinating tale cumulatively suggests that our proclivity to collect often means more than meets the eye.

Filmmaking team Terri Krantz and Bob Ridgley stay admirably restrained as they artfully explore this entertaining topic and its cast of colorful characters.

Director's Statement

Director's StatementWhen we began making this film we weren't sure how easy it would to get people to engage with us. Collectors have a reputation of being quirky, anti-social and reclusive. Luckily, we found many of them were very excited to be part of the film and grateful to have an audience that wanted to hear about their collections! So many people opened their hearts to us and we were amazed at how intimate the interviews became. Their collecting interests were varied but the enthusiasm and passion about what they do was contagious and surprisingly very emotionally moving. We are extremely thankful to all the collectors that helped us make this film.

The term "more-itis" comes up in the film and almost everyone has been affected by this malady at one time. In our consuming society we seem to attach a magical quality to our possessions. Taken too far, it may be an impediment for more meaningful experiences. The question is, how far is too far and who gets to decide? In "American Collectors," our subjects reveal their collecting passions and show how collecting becomes another way to define themselves, connect with other like-minded people and have a lot of fun!

Terri Krantz and Bob Ridgley

The Reel NW Connection

Reel NW focuses on the very best of independent film from the Northwest. Every week, Reel NW airs intriguing films from, or about, our own community. Bob Ridgley is the owner of Binary Recording Studio in Bellingham, Washington. He is an instructor at Northwest Film School and is currently helping to develop a film program at Western Washington University. Terri Krantz is the director of the Guerilla Film Project, a high school filmmaking competition in Northwest Washington.

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