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CLOSURE | Fri 9p

Angela, an African-American raised by a Caucasian couple, goes in search of her birth family and try to resolve some unanswered questions surrounding her birth.

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You Make Me Feel So Young | May 2 9p

A story of a young woman in transition. Justine, a recent college graduate turned retail employee, lives and works in a nameless city.

Reel NW Shorts - S4
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A diverse collection of short films

Season 4 Reel NW short films are coming to KCTS Television beginning April 3. Available online now.
Image from Randy Parsons: American Luthier

Season 4 of Reel NW begins April 11
Bringing you the best in independent filmmaking from and about the Pacific Northwest. Watch features, documentaries, and shorts on KCTS 9 television and online.

Meet the host: Warren Etheredge

reel nw host- warren etheredge

Reel NW welcomes writer, producer, and film aficionado, Warren Etheredge, as the host of season 4. Warren is known for his weekly television series THE HIGH BAR. He has interviewed personalities like Jodie Foster, Cornel West, Nora Ephron, and Salman Rushdie. This season, Warren will be talking to the filmmakers behind the features and documentaries brought to you by Reel NW.