Pathways to Excellence

About Pathways for Excellence

Washington, like the nation overall, is working to close the opportunity/achievement gap. Pathways schools refuse to accept the status quo and work to find successful strategies that lead to higher achievement for all. Three Pathways Awards are presented each year for one elementary, one middle school and one high school. These awardees represent the vanguard of educational equity in the state. These schools demonstrate tremendous efforts by educators, families and students, working together to help every child shine.

The Achievement Gap

The “gap” represents one of the greatest educational challenges of our time.

Historically, schools have been less adept at helping certain populations reach their full potential — thus there is a “gap” between the levels of success reached by students from different economic, cultural and linguistic groups.

Source: OSPI, August 2014

Across the nation, schools are struggling to fully serve low-income students and students from certain demographic groups—including African Americans, Latinos and American Indians—and ensure that all students find a channel to success. There are many strategies for combatting the persistent gap in educational equality. Explore the Pathways Schools’ videos to learn more!

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The Awards are selected by KCTS 9 in partnership with the Washington State Board of Education