Over 40 and You're Hired with Robin Ryan

About "Over 40 and You're Hired"

Career counselor and best-selling author Robin Ryan offers practical advice on what over 40 job-hunters need to land a great job. Create your own job success formula with tools that cover personal image, resumes, cover letters, salary negotiations, and Robin's exclusive "60-Second Sell" in this comprehensive seminar.

About Robin Ryan

Career counselor Robin Ryan’s best-selling books include “Over 40 & You’re Hired!,” “60 Seconds and You’re Hired!,” “Soaring On Your Strengths,” and “What to Do with the Rest of Your Life.” She has offered career advice on hundreds of television and radio appearances including Oprah, Dr. Phil, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, and CNN. Her writing has been published by Money, Newsweek, Fortune, Business Week, Good Housekeeping, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. She has also appeared as a speaker at colleges, corporate trainings and conferences across the country. Robin Ryan holds a master’s degree in counseling and education from Suffolk University and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Boston College. Ryan lives in Newcastle, Washington

Online: http://www.robinryan.com/



Looks like a really interesting opportunity. I'm 52, and I'm curious if I'm eligible for this. I read somewhere (I think here: https://sites.google.com/site/bestjobsfor17yearolds/) that this does not work well for people like myself who are over 50. Could someone please elaborate on this?


Do you have scholarships or grants to pay for Robin's materials? I made the bad decision to get my college degree just before I turned 60. Now I am almost 63 and have been unemployed for the years I was working toward my degree. Before that I was self employed creating custom software for corporations. But now my computer / technology skills and knowledge is in the dark ages. I have been told employers do not like to hire self-employed people because they are independent. Although it would be nice to get Robin's books and access to her web site, I am living off an equity loan (going deeper in debt), and cannot afford to pay for remote help that really might not be available. Any suggestions?


Most of Robin's materials are available for retail purchase, and you might ask your local library if they could get you her books.
On her website, www.robinryan.com, there are a number of resources you can access, all free, including resume and interview tips.


Hi Janis,
I'm very much in the same boat. I went back to school at 35 and after 10 years and a degree in English and Philosophy, I find I'm actually over educated for jobs that fit my outdated skills. Before I went back to school I worked as a Circulation Director in magazine publishing. At the time the Web was just beginning to have internet magazines and now when I apply for anything in my field I'm viewed as a dinosaur. Its hard to even get a non-paying internships because they are looking for younger interns that who they believe will be more malleable and won't remind them of their mother. I'm hoping Robin's tips will tip the scale in my favor.


Don't forget to mention to potential employers that you can spell and write a grammatically correct sentence -- rare qualities these days! If you are interested in writing, I think it helps to have a blog that people can look at to see what you can do.


I need a job and I am over 50, does this Over 40 Your Hired work for me?
I live in a City in Alberta where seem to be no jobs for my age group, Medicine Hat just does not have jobs and I don't know where to look. I don't want to end up on welfare in a few months.
I turned on the program here by satellite and seems quite informative. I wish I could afford the book.
What is Homepage (Firefox?)Love the program.


Robin's web site has an online job source for Canada -- workopolis.com
Hope that helps a bit, and do take a look at Robin's other web resources. Good luck!

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