To the Moon, Mars, & Beyond: Robotic Spacecraft Exploration at Queen Anne Science Café

Featured scientist: Joshua Bandfield, Ph.D., Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington

History Cafe: South Lake Union

MOHAI's public historian, Dr. Lorraine McConaghy, will share stories about Lake Union and its surrounding areas, just as MOHAI is preparing to open a new museum in the rapidly changing South Lake Union neighborhood.

History Cafe: Seattle Icons

What are the places, structures, and monuments that define our city, both to those of us who live here and those that have never been? From the Space Needle to the Fremont Troll, Seattle has its share of iconic sites. Find out how these sites came to be and how they've come to represent Seattle. This month's History Cafe will feature a mix of group conversation and presentation from MOHAI educator Julia Swan.

Science of Learning: Child Development and TV at Eastside Science Café

Sarah Roseberry, Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, University of Washington

Discovering & Recovering Marine Debris at Queen Anne Science Cafe

Peter Murphy, Marine Debris Program, NOAA 
Whether it's debris washed out by a tsunami, a crab pot lost to the ice of the Bering Sea, or a water bottle tossed on Alki Beach, trash and debris in the marine environment is a growing problem in Puget Sound and across the world's oceans. Join NOAA's Peter Murphy to explore marine debris origins, impacts and actions. Download the flyer. (PDF)

Cloaking: Science Meets Science Fiction at Eastside Science Café

From Greek mythology to modern science fiction, humans have been fascinated by the idea of invisibility for millennia. However, can we actually make objects invisible? At the July Eastside Science Café, join UW's Gunther Uhlmann to discover several recent scientific projects, such as "transformation optics," designed to take invisibility out of the fictional worlds of Perseus and Harry Potter and make it a reality. A discussion will be led by Gunther Uhlmann, Ph.D., Department of Mathematics, UW.

History Café: Seattle Rock History, featuring Jacob McMurray and Kathy Fennessy

Seattle rocks! This month's History Café looks at rock music in Seattle with the EMP Museum's Senior Curator Jacob McMurray and Kathy Fennessy, who was the music director for KCMU (now KEXP) in the late 80s and early 90s.

Preserving Asia’s Wild Cats at Tacoma Science Café

Clouded leopards, fishing cats, bay cats, and more: Southeast Asia's wild cats are beautiful and fascinating, yet poorly understood. At the May Tacoma Science Café, join Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium zoologist Karen Povey to explore the challenges of studying these elusive cats in the wild and learn how our actions can impact the survival of rare species half a world away. Download the flyer (PDF)

Autopsy Answers: Forensic Pathology in Washington at Queen Anne Science Café

When people die, it's up to a forensic pathologist to figure out why. What caused their death? How do we know? What can we learn from an autopsy? At the May Queen Anne Science Café, join forensic pathologist Carl Wigren, M.D., to explore how death investigation works in Washington state and how to read the clues left behind to determine the cause and manner of death. Download the flyer (PDF)

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