PIE Jams Out at Summer Camp

Last weekend, we attended a concert called Summer Camp, put on by local Seattle radio station, 107.7 The End. Featuring 10 up-and-coming bands and seasoned headliner, the Cold War Kids, Summer Camp was the hidden gem of summer concerts in Seattle.

We spent the all-day concert meeting some of the surprisingly nice and charismatic artists, lounging in the grass, eating grilled cheese sandwiches, and of course, enjoying some of the best live music of the summer.

Here’s a recap of our fun experience at Summer Camp! Our VIP Goodie Bag!

The Crowd

Photo taken by Mat Hayward Photography.First Artist Encounter: MS MR

Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow from MS MR

Photo taken by Mat Hayward Photography.

Photo taken by Mat Hayward Photography.Super Fun Vancouver, B.C. Band: Said the Whale

Jaycelyn Brown (Keyboard) and Nathan Shaw (Bass)

Ben Worcester (Guitar & Vocals)

Best Show of the Day: The New Politics

David Boyd (Lead Vocals), Soren Hansen (Guitar, Keyboard), Louis Vecchio (Drums)

Photo taken by Mat Hayward Photography.

Photo taken by Mat Hayward Photography.

Most Star-struck Moment: Meeting Cold War Kids

Matt Maust (Bass), Nathan Willett (Vocals), Matt Aveiro (Percussion), Dann Gallucci (Guitarist)

Photo taken by Mat Hayward Photography.

What do all of these bands* have in common?

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*Bands who were also awesome but not pictured: Surfer Blood, Wavves, The Neighbourhood, Family of the Year, Hey Marseilles, San Cisco, Royal Teeth. We can’t say for sure but we think they would want you to @watchPIE too!