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Dan Evans, John Spellman, Mike Lowry and Chris Gregoire: two Republicans and two Democrats. They are bound together by public service and politics. Each was elected as Governor of the state of Washington. What motivated them to seek the state's highest elected office? What were their expectations? What were the harsh political realities? What were their successes? What were their failures? How did unpredictable events and politics affect their time in office? The four former Washington Governors respond to these and other questions in a candid one-hour conversation hosted by KCTS 9's Enrique Cerna.

About the Governors

  • Dan Evans
  • John Spellman
  • Mike Lowry
  • Christine Gregoire
Dan Evans
Dan Evans

Daniel Jackson Evans, a republican, was elected the 16th governor of Washington State in 1964. At the age of 39, Evans became the youngest governor in Washington State history and held the office for 12 years, the only to be elected to three consecutive terms in Washington.

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John Spellman
John Spellman

John Dennis Spellman, a republican, was elected the 18th governor of Washington State in 1980. He served one term between 1981 and 1985. As of 2013, Spellman is the last republican to be elected governor in Washington.

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Read John Spellman's Biography (PDF)

Mike Lowry
Mike Lowry

Michael Edward Lowry, a democrat, was elected the 20th governor of Washington State in 1992. He served one term from 1993 to 1997.

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Christine Gregoire
Christine Gregoire

Christine O'Grady Gregoire, a democrat, was elected the 22nd governor of Washington State in 2004. She served two terms from 2005 to 2013.

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The Governors


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Thank you Governors all for your service and your candid comments this evening. I applaud your devotion to this wonderful group of citizens in he the state of Washington. Particularly to Dan Evans, I thank you for your focus on higher education during your Governorship and your comments about the importance of higher education's importance to Washington's future on the program tonight. And we have so much to do, beginning with Headstart and primary eduction. Again thank you.


Absolutely excellent program... Should be required viewing in civics classes in High School (do they still have those???), and at all GOP/DEM meetings. Enrique continues to provide very meaningful programming about local issues...Really missed Booth!!!!

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