Alchemy Goods makes bags, cases, wallets and belts from upcycled bicycle inner tubes. We speak with AG's founder Eli Reich and Sam Lettes, a mechanic from Hello Bicycle.

life on the ferries

A collection of short anecodotes about peoples' experiences aboard Washington ferries. Film commissioned by Puget Sound Starts Here.

canoe journey

Tribes from all over Puget Sound and British Columbia take part in an annual canoe journey, paddling hundreds of miles to recreate the daily lives of their ancestors. It’s an arduous adventure that celebrates tradition and strengthens culture.

music: the shakey blankets

Warm up with a little music around the campfire! Introducing the Seattle country band, The Shakey Blankets. Featured Song: Radio

bizarre phobias

Alektorophobia, pluviophobia, coulrophobia? Profiling some of the most bizarre phobias, including fear of trees, puppets, chickens and clowns.

potent potables

Dante Jones of Seattle MMJ co-op Green Ambrosia shows some of the pot-infused products that are available to medical patients now and what will be available to recreational users in 2014, pending approvals by the WA State Liquor Control Board.

the bug chef

Ever eaten a bug on a dare? David George Gordon, bug cookbook author, shows PIE how insects can be prepared and eaten as good-for-you food.

parkour in the park

She runs, jumps and scrambles over urban obstacles with the greatest of ease. Brandee Laird introduces us to the art of Parkour at Seattle's Gas Works Park.

old guy skateboarders

Hard to believe, but the skateboard is over 60 year old. So why shouldn’t a 60 yr old be riding one? Well, they are. We look at the fun that old dudes are having at the skatepark.

bike polo, born in the 206

Beef up that bike, add a mallet and find a hard court and you have a Seattle-born sport that spread worldwide. We go inside the fence as players mash it up and tell us that bike polo is a sport that anyone on a bike can learn.