food truck frenzy

Bill speaks with Mark Worster, founder of about keeping track of Seattle's many roving restaurants on wheels.

submitted films: home movie montage

Featuring home movies from PIE viewers! Includes Kirkland's Shumway Mansion, a snowy walk home, the Seattle Center amphitheatre, 9/11 remembrance, and a truthful, toothful home dentistry procedure from the 50s captured on 8mm.

native hoops

Seattle Clear Sky Native Youth Pride Basketball Camp aims to help native youth to improve hoops skills and reinforce identity and pride.

jet city improv's "upside downton"

Jet City Improv applies its good-natured skewer to the PBS hit series "Downton Abbey," with PIE's Molly Spurgeon along to chat with Jet City artistic director Andrew McMasters.

seahawks tribute haiku

Bill Radke summons his inner "KCTS 9th man" to deliver this illustrated poem in tribute to and in support the Seattle Seahawks. Yes, Bill is a fan!

skate like a girl

Girls and women of all ages are learning to ride skateboards and leaning on each other at an indoor skatepark in Wallingford. See how Skate Like A Girl is building community and empowering young women through workshops and camps.

scarecrow video

Go inside Seattle's Scarecrow Video for a deep dive into the wide variety of videos available at this brick-and-mortar movie bastion. Matt Lynch, a longtime Scarecrow Video staffer demonstrates his knowledge of the world's largest video store.

solowheel test drive

Invented in Washington, the Solowheel, a Segway-inspired unicycle, is called the greenest mode of transportation ever. "Barefoot" Ted McDonald shows Molly Spurgeon how it works.

new pioneers

The Dineens, formerly of Los Angeles, leave the glitzy world of show business for a life in the Oregon countryside. They're new pioneers -- people finding comfort and challenges in a new environment.

geekwire game night

Geekwire, Seattle's technology news and networking site, regulary sponsors a "Geekwire Game Night." It's everything from blackjack to "Lords of Catan," with some old-school, offline socializing .