What mystery will the Bletchley Circle solve next?

Lucy and Susan help Millie up after a near-miss in the street
The women of Bletchley Circle narrowly miss a hit - will they survive the season?

New viewers of The Bletchley Circle, we envy you. One of the shortest and most intriguing series about women in England after WWII awaits. In this week's post, Amie Simon catches us up for season 2.

In The Bletchley Circle’s first (short) season, we were introduced to Susan Gray and her friends Millie, Lucy and Jean—four women who had worked as code breakers together at Bletchley Park during World War II. Seven years later, the women are living “normal” lives, but none of them seem quite satisfied by that; especially Susan, who’s been using her pattern-spotting skills to try and catch a brutal murderer who’s been targeting young women.

So why is Susan so reluctant to join her circle again in aid of a fellow code-breaker, now accused of murder? A brief glimpse of what the ladies went through in the first three episodes may explain a great deal. Spoilers ahead!

Susan Gray
Housewife and mum Susan loves her husband and her children, but can’t forget how exciting it was to be a part of a team who solved riddles. In season one, she saw a clear pattern that the murderer was leaving and followed the trail to his latest dump site. Unfortunately, when police failed to find a body based on her information, they dismissed her research as unimportant. But Susan didn’t give up! She gathered her long-out-of-touch friends together and the women combined their strengths to track down and find the killer—who stalked and threatened Susan, and almost killed her!

Now that the murderer can’t hurt anyone else, it would seem Susan has a taste for solving crimes. Unfortunately, that means keeping secrets from her husband, and he’s already frustrated with the time she’s been spending away from the family. Will Susan finally tell him what’s really going on in season two? Or will she continue to meet with her friends under the guise of a “book club” and go on solving crimes on the sly? One thing’s for sure: something has to give.

Timid little Lucy has a skill that the Bletchley girls desperately need: a brilliant photographic memory. Once Susan and Millie talked Lucy into joining them again in season one, she jumped right in to help—but poor Lucy! First her eyes and memory were assaulted by the body of a woman they found, and then she was physically assaulted by a young ruffian while playing “bait” for the murderer. And it didn’t end there; her jealous husband made her pay for it with his fists. Luckily, her friends nursed her back to health and now she’s moved in with Millie, who will definitely look out for her!

No-nonsense Millie has a sharp tongue, but under her tough demeanor is a big heart. This independent woman does exactly what she wants, when she wants, and is always there in a pinch. In season one, the other Bletchley women relied on Millie for her strength, and she pitched in as part of the circle with quick wits and clever schemes that helped them gather information. Now that Lucy is living with Millie, maybe she’ll soften up a bit in season two, and be able to talk some sense into Susan.

In season one, Jean initially thought getting the code-breakers back together was a bad idea, but came around once she realized they could stop a vicious killer. Jean’s organizational skills are unmatched, and her methodical way of putting all the pieces together was an essential part of helping the circle track down the murderer. She also knows the importance of a good, strong drink now and then. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of her in action in season two!

Curious about the real WWII code breakers? Read about the silent heroines of Bletchley Park in this great CNN article.

Watch Blood on their Hands (the first part of season 2) online through Saturday, April 19 (U.S. only):


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We missed the firs episode of season 2 of Bletchley Circle. Will it be shown on Materpiece at some point in the future?


Apologies for missing your question! We do not have it scheduled to repeat at present. I recommend signing up for our weekly "Tea Times" enews to stay apprised of new episodes in advance. Sign up at http://kcts9.org/email.

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