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KCTS 9 and Canada

Ways to Watch

KCTS 9 can be viewed in Canada on Shaw Cable 204 and Bell ExpressVu 824 in high-definition.  You can find a detailed listing of KCTS 9 channels and today's TV schedule here

Support KCTS 9

Pacific Coast Public Television Association (PCPTA) is a registered Canadian charity that funds educational programming through support of KCTS 9.

Recent regulatory decisions in Canada have threatened the charitable status of organizations like PCPTA. In light of these developments, the Board of Directors of Pacific Coast Public Television Association is evaluating its future. You can continue your support of public television programming by making donations directly to KCTS 9. This process will have no effect on your membership status with KCTS 9. The impact of this change is that after June 30, 2016, you will receive a U.S. tax receipt.

Letter from Deirdre
Campbell, Chair, PCPTA (PDF)
PCPTA Transition FAQ (PDF)

Contact Us

609 - 2818 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5T 0C1

For questions about your donation, please call 800-937-5287.

Canadian Corporate Supporters

KCTS 9 thanks the following organizations for their support:

  • Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, Vancouver
  • Oak Bay Beach Hotel, Victoria
  • Royal BC Museum, Victoria
  • Tourism Vancouver
  • Vancouver Opera
  • Vancouver Sun
  • Vancouver International Film Festival


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