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Woodsmoke is the prime culprit driving spikes in sooty, toxic air that’s leaving Seattle and Tacoma residents gasping for breath. The health costs associated with burning wood may make you think twice about how you heat your home. Also, our Insiders Roundtable weighs in on top stories of the week.

Chapter 1: Toxic Wood Smoke

Chapter 2: Interview with Puget Sound Clean Air Authority

Chapter 3: Insiders Roundtable

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Toxic Smoke from Wood Burning Stoves - December 16, 2011


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This doesn't surprise me. Without a doubt the worst kind of air pollution in my opinion. If everyone reverted to smokeless fuels and multi-fuel stoves then this issue could be significantly reduced. People don't seem to think about the effects this can have and subsequently effect their, and everyone else around thems health.


WOOD SMOKE - yes ! finally revealing it's true poisonous qualities. Wood smoke is 12 TIMES (not double) 12 TIMES more toxic than a cigarette (EPA, 1991) The particulate/smoke/soot is so tiny that it goes to the deepest part of the lungs and gets in neighbors homes even with all the doors and windows closed (American Lung Assoc) Wood smoke also contributes to heart disease (American Heart Assoc, 2010) as a serious air pollutant. It causes cancer (multiple kinds), asthma and is a serious health hazard. Seattle decided not to allow smoking in public, and yet we don't get serious about WOOD SMOKE. Again: wood smoke is 12 TIMES more toxic than a cigarette. I repeat because that is profound information. What can you do? Educate your neighbors. Make complaints to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency www.pscleanair.org (206) 343-8800 And if you don't find a permanent solution then contact an attorney and approach it via Nuisance Laws. Nuisance Laws state that it is ILLEGAL to interferer with the health or enjoyment of property of your neighbors. It is easier to prove loss of enjoyment of property than health impact, fyi. We need to work together on many levels. Suggest to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency that they start to phase out allowing fireplaces in multi-family buildings. There are thousands of them with wood burning fireplaces. These have NO INSERTS - it is simply unfiltered smoke going into our breathing air: the worst toxicity of all. That is a start place. Ask for stronger legislation around wood smoke. Contact City of Seattle, Dept of Planning and Development (Diane Sugimura (spelling) heads it. Ask them to get serious about wood smoke from an enforcement standpoint. In particular: ask that restaurants and BBQ locations NOT be allowed to smoke up our air with completely unfiltered smoke. Requiring effective filtering of wood smoke and BBQ smoke is critical (they are nasty nasty to our breathing air). We need to get the laws highly effective in multiple governmental and permitting agencies. Does anyone have contacts in the Sierra Club? They were effective in helping us get cigarette smoke in public places stopped......contact them and ask for help to get wood smoke out of breathing air. The cost to health is profound. LIke cigarettes: you don't see the impact today. But it is harming you....or maybe even will kill you. Don't burn wood. Don't allow your neighbors to smoke up everyone's air. Take the initiative to TAKE ACTION. It helps everyone when you step up and help get it stopped. Start today - make a call, and pass the word along. Print this :) Copy it....hand it out.......post it......pass it along. Education is key.


re: insiders roundtable Dec 16, 2011 - discussion of police brutality - Since the late 1960's an individuals use of drugs has been a declination issue for many kinds of employment - including candidates for police officer - even if the drug is marijuana. This tends to prevent otherwise good candidates from considering law enforcement as a career. It also results in a police force made up of the subset of our society who are generally less compassionate and more prone to a police-state mentality. We have been hiring in this manner for forty years. Is it any wonder that an us-versus-them mentality has emerged?

The socially acceptable case for legalization of marijuana was recently presented to law enforcement officials and unanimously rejected.

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