ReScene: capitol hill

The show producers bike through the colorful streets of Capitol Hill to recreate a neighborhood scene from a 1930s photograph.

aboard the shuttle

Before any astronaut could fly on the space shuttle, they had to train on the FFT — the Full Fuselage Space Shuttle Trainer, now located at the Museum of Flight and open to non-astronaut visitors. [Museum of Flight]

you're speaking shakespeare

Vancouver BC's Bard on the Beach Artistic Director Christopher Gaze delivers his witty monologue showing how we all are quoting Shakespeare every day without knowing it.

ReScene: stewart & boren

PIE explorers learn what's replaced the ramshackle church in an old photo taken where Seattle's Denny Regrade meets South Lake Union and Capitol Hill. [More about this church.]

digging in the dirt

Burke curator Laura Phillips shows us archaeological treasures unearthed in downtown Seattle.

on the road(show)

What’s it like when Antiques Roadshow comes to town? Come along behind the scenes with a local man who brought his collectibles for appraisal when the Roadshow visited Seattle.

bad to the bone

Curator Ron Eng uncovers the Burke's incredible fossil collection, from dinosaur bones, to one million-year-old salmon, to previously undiscovered species of northwest whales.

syttende mai

Every year, Ballard explodes in a colorful parade and festival, as Norweigians celebrate Syttende Mai – their Constitution Day (signaling their independence from those no good Swedes!). We preview the upcoming parade.

cinco de mayo

It has become a holiday associated with partying, but the real Cinco de Mayo is a remembrance of an important battle between Mexico and France. The Mexican Consul joins us in the PIE studio to share the real meaning of the 5th of May.

lucky kitty

A visit to the new Bellevue Arts Museum exhibit shows how maneki neko cats became an icon of good fortune.