gasworks park

Architect Richard Haag changed landscaping forever by turning an old industrial site into a vibrant city park, and using some of the existing structures as totems. (This segment originally appeared in KCTS 9's "History Making" special.)

seattle on the small screen

Sixty-five years ago, a new form of storytelling was born in Seattle, when local station KRSC (later KING) broadcast the first local telecast -- a high school football game between West Seattle and Wenatchee. PIE producer Feliks Banel talks with local TV legend Del Loder about the early days of television in the Northwest.

the 493

The AFM Seattle Negro Musicians Union local 493was the union that black musicians formed when they were denied membership in Local 76. Seattle bassist Evan Flory-Barnes narrates a brief history of "the 493."

ReScene: greenwood

Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood then and now.

canoe journey

Tribes from all over Puget Sound and British Columbia take part in an annual canoe journey, paddling hundreds of miles to recreate the daily lives of their ancestors. It’s an arduous adventure that celebrates tradition and strengthens culture.

the sound of suspense

Meet musicians Nova Karina Devonie and David Miles Keenan who were comissioned by SIFF in 2013 to score "The Pleasure Garden," one of Alfred Hitchcock's lesser-known silent films.

ReScene: la cantina

Visit the street corner in Seattle's South Park where the infamous La Cantina Tavern operated after Prohibition ended. If walls could talk…

pike market ghosts

Look beyond the tourists and fresh fish, and you've got one of the spookiest places in Seattle. We learn why on the Pike Place Market Ghost Tour.

ReScene: beacon hill firehouse

A picture of an old fire station leads to a journey to the top of Jefferson Park and a restored and thriving corner of Beacon Hill, Seattle.

bike polo, born in the 206

Beef up that bike, add a mallet and find a hard court and you have a Seattle-born sport that spread worldwide. We go inside the fence as players mash it up and tell us that bike polo is a sport that anyone on a bike can learn.