charles royer and the future of the waterfront

Molly Spurgeon takes a rainy walk under the Alaskan Way Viaduct with former Seattle mayor Charley Royer, to hear about how the waterfront is about to be transformed.

smith tower going on 100

Smith Tower celebrates its 100th birthday this year. PIE tours the legendary building and explores rare photos documenting its construction that were recently donated to the University of Washington.

ReScene: poulsbo

Explore the sights and meet the friendly locals of Poulsbo, Washington's Norwegian inspired seaside town.

ark lodge cinemas

Ark Lodge Cinemas in Seattle's Columbia City is a locally-owned movie house situated in a former Masons lodge. Molly speaks with owner David McRae about the challenges of operating a movie house.

the organ experience

Check out the pipes of The Paramount Theatre's mighty Wurlitzer organ, one of the last three remaining organs of its kind to reside in its original environment. Here it played played as it was originally intended on Silent Movie Mondays at the Paramount.

ReScene: ballard

Ballard has changed, and plenty Seattle's Norwegians and Swedes will tell you so. A quick look at the ever-changing Market Street in Ballard.

friends of the GAR

The Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery -- a little known plot of ground in Seattle's densely populated Capitol Hill, holds the remains of some 500 area Civil War soldiers and family.

ReScene: 3rd and pike

Travel by bus to one of the busiest corners of downtown Seattle to revisit the site of the former Woolworths department store.

former seattle mayor wes uhlman

Molly sits down at Greenlake's Forza Coffee to speak with former Seattle mayor Wes Uhlman about rebooting and reinventing. He's the mayor who had to govern a city when 39,000 Boeing workers were suddenly laid off.

film: shedding

"Shedding" is a clever play on the history of industrialization by Stefano Marrone, a 2013 graduate of the Vancouver Film School.