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Goodbye from George Ray
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George Thanks KCTS 9's Viewers

George Ray thanks all KCTS 9 viewers for their support during his years of being the station's most well-known face.

George Ray
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Congratulate George Ray on his retirement!

Join us in congratulating George on his retirement. George's career in broadcasting spans more than 50 years, with more than 30 years at KCTS 9 as a volunteer and staff member.

George Ray Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

George Ray: 2010 Golden Circle Inductee

In 2010, George Ray was honored with a lifetime achievement award.

George Ray is Retiring!

Join us in congratulating George on his retirement. George's career in broadcasting spans more than 50 years, with more than 30 years at KCTS 9 as a volunteer and staff member.

Share your memories in the comments below, or honor George with a tribute gift.

About George Ray

George Ray is a native of Janesville, Wisconsin, and has been KCTS 9's lead on-air fundraising anchor and host for over 30 years. During his career in broadcasting and journalism, he covered the school desegregation crisis in Little Rock in 1957, obtaining the only one-on-one interview with then-governor Orval Faubus. George helped start KCHU-TV, the first UHF station in California, and was the sports director for KOMO-TV from 1964 to 1968. George has a love of history and is an expert on military history, in particular the theatres of WWII.

Through his love for public television and uncanny ability to connect with an audience, George has helped raise tens of millions of dollars to support public broadcasting on KCTS 9, including funds that moved the station from the University of Washington campus to its current building at Seattle Center. "Few people have played as large a role in building support for public television as George has," says KCTS 9 President and CEO Maurice 'Moss' Bresnahan.

George lives in Puyallup and has two children and five grandchildren.


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I have been watching PBS for a long time but far more regularly in the last 10 years. I have to say that what first caught my eye about George was how handsome he was and still is. I've always enjoyed how enthusiastic he was about any program he was a part of. There was true sincerity with none of the "over the top" commentary you get from some hosts. Thank you,George! I'll miss seeing your handsome face. Enjoy you're retirement!


Many years ago I made my Hanukkah cake for KCTS9 Cooks for the Holidays. The highlight of the day was to meet and cook with Ray. He is the consummate gentleman making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I'll always recall kibitzing with George regarding the use of non-dairy products for a kosher cake. While George is KCTS9 to me, he deserves the opportunity to spend more time with his family and explore other avenues in his retirement. Enjoy!


After a very successful 60 year career, I salute George. I had the great fortune to work with him for the past 7 years, and have learned so much from our Seattle icon. George is a man always true to his own values, very professional, ultimately talented, and my friend. I truly loved working with George and will sorely miss him by my side on the show. I welcome Mark Christopher as the new co-host, enjoy working with him and look forward to a long friendship and working relationship there.

George, my friend, here’s to you!


Hi George, it has been years and years (18) and I still miss KCTs and you.
Congratulations on your retirement and all the dedicated years you gave
to KCTS and their viewers. Kind regards, Dolly


I was always waiting for the day he took a bite and didn't like it. It never happened as far as I know - he loved everything. Happy retirement George, you will be missed. Maybe you could do some guest appearances.


Dear George, What's this retirement business???
Actually, it is well deserved!!! I hope the station will still keep your voice answering the phone on pledge nights. It is always good to be able to hear a friend's voice after they've retired, moved, or whatever...just to keep "in touch" ...even though we don't talk or actually say "hi"!!!

My 80th birthday happened in July when I blinked...! Such a surprise! But that's what can happen...!

Also, Sara, my daughter and I finished, in time for my birthday, the book we have been working on regarding the letters my father wrote to my mother, my brother and me during the 2nd World War when he was overseas for 38 months in England, North Africa, Italy and Southern France. He wrote almost 400 letters, which were fascinating. (He and Mother numbered their letters. Dad had to destroy Mother's letters when ever he had to move, so they didn't get into enemy hands). Mother wrote close to 700 letters. He was called into active duty, as a Reserve Officers, in January of 1941, before Pearl Harbor. He was a year in Washington DC, before he went overseas in June of 1942. The book ended up being 609 pages. We only printed 2 books, because we're still waiting for some information to be clarified from the Army about some of Dad's history.

Well, that's all for now, just thought I'd fill in a little regarding history that you're interested in! I no longer help on pledge nights, even though I went over to help celebrate Tom Steele's big 50 last Saturday!

All the best,

Blessings, always,


Happy retirement George! Have watched you on KCTS9 for many years from Vancouver-
Miss seeing you but enjoy your retirement


We miss you, George No one else can make food sound quite as wonderful as you do. Have a great retirement!

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