nffty opening night

Young filmmakers from around the world converged on Seattle for the NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth) Opening Night, and PIE was there to capture the gala and glitz.

siff premiere

With hundreds of films to choose from over 25 days, SIFF turns Seattle into a film-lover's paradise. We talk to SIFF about the red carpet on opening night (Joss Whedon!) and some other stuff.


Young filmmakers from around the world converge on Seattle for the National Film Festival for Talented Youth.

how to crack a crab

A short film showing how to properly cook and clean a Dungeness crab, if you have the heart to kill it yourself first!

welcome to doe bay

Guest interviewer John Keister chats with the filmmakers behind "Welcome to Doe Bay," a Reel NW Season 3 film about a fast-growing music festival in the San Juan Islands.

farewell, easy street

Seattle filmmaker Collin Monda documented the sorrowful closing of the iconic Queen Anne location of Easy Street Records in this short film.

the piano

A prim and proper concert pianist is thrown into the dusty, scary, grimy mess of the factory where the majestic black creatures are born.

a lost treasure

An animated short film by Vancouver Film School student Sebastian Zegers takes us out of Canada, out of the Northwest and into... adventure.

noir city

Film critic Molly Spurgeon is on the trail of some of the best noir films of all time. She sits down with the so-called Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller, host of this weekend's Noir City Film Festival at SIFF.

uw mystery films

Skiiers take a cut-out girl on a date! A one-armed man parachutes off Smith Tower! Can you help solve the mystery of who shot these mysterious films? Curators from the Special Collection Dapartment of the University of Washington want your help.