film: dodgeball

It's David versus Goliath on the dodgeball court in this animated short from the Vancouver Film School, directed by student Nicolas Torres.

the coffinmaker

The wheel of life. It stops turning for all of us. Filmmaker Dan McComb brings a tender look at a Vashon carpenter who makes earth-friendly caskets.

film: space bar

What really happened when man first landed on the moon? Find out, as told in this short film from Nicholas Hogan and the Vancouver Film School. [Vancouver Film School]

acquired film: history is…

Peter Edlund, Megan Leonard and Rachel Klein, winners of a MOHAI award for their film "History Is...Subject to Interpretation."

chinatown strut

Here's a piece of advice—never get into a jazz danceoff with a Chinese dragon. Produced by Good Co. and filmed at the Columbia City Theatre in Seattle.

red carpet at SIFF

SIFF 2013 kicks off with Much Ado About Nothing by sci-fi/action director Joss Whedon. The PIE crew talks to Joss and actors Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker, local filmmaker Lynn Shelton, and more!

miss pearlman

A short film produced by the students of the Vancouver Film School about a World War II era romance that lasts more than 60 years.

twisted flicks

Twisted Flicks – Jet City Improv actors bring their overdub magic to the PIE studios and give us a new take on some of our favorite shows. (Downton Abbey 3.1, anyone?)

vince garbarino

Vince Garbarino plays a live piano soundtrack for PIE and tells us how he composes movie scores.

lynn shelton

Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton catches up with Enrique Cerna before her new film, Touchy Feely, premieres in her hometown. Lynn talks about the glass ceiling that still exists for women in Hollywood.