film: history of greed

In this animated short from Vancouver Film School student Mauricio Dal Poggetto, a man disovers a fruit which is stolen by some monkeys only to leave some seeds.

film: snore

An animated film about snoring from Vancouver Film School student Chris Nyarady.

film: donutini sprinklestein and his inconvenient destiny

A sweet animated short created by Vancouver Film School student Vera Kobelkowsky Vidrio through the VFS Digital Character Animation program. Talk about reinvention!

film: shedding

"Shedding" is a clever play on the history of industrialization by Stefano Marrone, a 2013 graduate of the Vancouver Film School.

film: storytellers

The bond of storytelling transcends generations in this heartwarming animated film produced by students at the Vancouver Film School .

life on the ferries

A collection of short anecodotes about peoples' experiences aboard Washington ferries. Film commissioned by Puget Sound Starts Here.

scriptless in seattle

The last weekend of every month, Jet City Improv's Twisted Flicks disguises old, obscure and B-rated movies with a brand new dialogue and soundtrack.

film: saturday the 14th

Vancouver Film School graduate Kristjan Lyngmo's animated short shows us that the day after Friday the 13th can be just as frightening for the man behind the mask.

the sound of suspense

Meet musicians Nova Karina Devonie and David Miles Keenan who were comissioned by SIFF in 2013 to score "The Pleasure Garden," one of Alfred Hitchcock's lesser-known silent films.

film: wasabi guy

A 3D-animated introduction to that hot green condiment wasabi created by Vancouver Film School student Chris Ushko.