The Science of Space Weather at Eastside Science Cafe

Monday, 9 September 2013 - 7:00pm
The Wilde Rover Irish Pub, Kirkland Click here for Map

Erika Harnett, Ph.D., Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences, UW

About every 11 years, the Sun becomes more active, which impacts both us on Earth and the people and technology we put into space. While these periods of more active "solar storms" aren't new, why are we more concerned now about the Sun's activity? At the September Eastside Science Café, join UW's Erika Harnett, Ph.D., to explore the origin of solar activity, its impacts, and how researchers are trying to understand how to reduce its hazardous consequences. Download a PDF flyer

Eastside Science Café is held on the second Monday of each month. Did you miss a café and want to hear the discussion? Most Science Cafés are recorded by KCTS 9 and are available for online viewing. Eastside Science Cafés take place at Wilde Rover in Kirkland and are presented in partnership with Pacific Science Center and KCTS 9.