Finding Planets Around Other Stars at Eastside Science Cafe

Monday, 8 August 2011 - 7:00pm
Wilde Rover Click here for Map

Spotting planets as they form around other stars is tricky, but scientists now know where to look: in the large disks of dust and debris that surround certain stars. Join UW’s John Wisniewski, PhD, at the August Eastside Science Café to discuss the latest techniques for seeking out and photographing baby planets outside our solar system.
The Eastside Science Cafe is your opportunity to talk with researchers about science and technology research—all in the comfortable atmosphere of a local pub. 
Eastside Science Café is held on the second Monday of each month. Did you miss a café and want to hear the discussion? Most Science Cafés are recorded by KCTS 9 and are available for online viewing. Eastside Science Cafés take place at Wilde Rover in Kirkland and are presented in partnership with Pacific Science Center and KCTS 9.