Valley Fresh Fare


February 10, 2013 6:47 pm901 Pasta

901 Pasta

901 Pasta’s simple Butternut Squash Soup and spicy Cajun Chicken LinguiniEpisode
January 7, 2013 6:47 pmTony's Steakhouse

Tony's Steakhouse

Steak Diane from head chef Freddie Milanes of Tony's SteakhouseEpisode
December 7, 2012 6:47 pmYellow Church Cafe

Yellow Church Cafe

Cedar plank Salmon, cranberry relish, garlic mashed potatoes and crab-stuffed mushrooms.Episode
November 5, 2012 6:47 pm8th Street Bistro

8th Street Bistro

Executive chef, Jose Perez explains a fast and safe way to prepare a Thanksgiving feast.Episode
October 1, 2012 5:47 pmWhite House Café

White House Café

Owner/Chef Sherry Jefferson of White House Café prepares delicious fall favorites.Episode
September 7, 2012 5:47 pmJoy Garden

Joy Garden

Chef/Owner Jane Kim of Joy Garden Korean BBQ Restaurant shares sweet and savory recipes.Episode
August 10, 2012 5:47 pmChef Nancy Beveridge

Chef Nancy Beveridge

Nancy Beveridge, former co-owner of Greystone, prepares pork tenderloins and risotto.Episode
July 2, 2012 5:47 pmBradley Family Favorites

Bradley Family Favorites

Special guest Mary-Beth Bradley prepares Bradley family favorites.Episode
June 8, 2012 5:47 pmWine O'Clock

Wine O'Clock

Wine O’Clock Chef Laurie Kennedy prepares Anise Braised Short Ribs. Episode
May 4, 2012 5:47 pm5 North and Birchfield Manor

5 North and Birchfield Manor

Chef Brad Masset of 5 North and Birchfield Manor prepares Shrimp Cakes and Crème Brûlée.Episode
April 2, 2012 5:47 pmThe Sports Center in Yakima

The Sports Center in Yakima

Chef Eric Phillips shares his flair for Americana cooking with his famous pork chop recipe.Episode
March 2, 2012 6:47 pmSkewered Apple BBQ Competition

Skewered Apple BBQ Competition

Get tips from the BBQ pros at the Skewered Apple BBQ competition in Yakima.Episode
February 6, 2012 6:47 pmZesta Cucina

Zesta Cucina

We prepare dishes from Zesta Cucina’s Valentine's menu and pairs with Kana wines.Episode
January 2, 2012 6:47 pmTaco Borracho

Taco Borracho

Taco Borracho with wine pairing by Kiona Winery. Nutritionists and chefs provide healthy alternatives and helpful tips for the home chef.Episode
December 2, 2011 6:47 pmSecond Street Grill

Second Street Grill

We prepare Washington Beef Tenderloin with Chef Johnny Wion of Second Street Grill in Yakima.Episode
November 16, 2011 6:47 pmHoliday Special

Holiday Special

Guest Host George Ray joins us to present holiday recipes from some of our favorite local chefs.Episode
November 7, 2011 6:47 pmCafé Mélange

Café Mélange

Alice Sharp of Café Mélange prepares a simply delicious recipe for marionberry duck.Episode
October 3, 2011 5:47 pmThe Carousel French Cuisine

The Carousel French Cuisine

Ewa Lichota, owner of The Carousel French Cuisine, prepares Rabbit Marinated in White Wine SauceEpisode
September 9, 2011 5:47 pmSantiago's


Chef Jar Arcand of Santiago's Gourmet Mexican Restaurant prepares Tequila Prawns Diablo, Apple Kahlua Mole Cream, and his award winning Chili Con Queso.Episode
August 1, 2011 5:47 pmBarbecue


Anthony James of the Pacific NW BBQ Association, Lynnae Oxley of Sugar's Barbeque in Portland, and Tom Wallin of Dances with Smoke BBQ & Grillings Spices teach us all about barbequing.Episode
July 4, 2011 5:47 pmCafé at Memorial Hospital

Café at Memorial Hospital

Robert Ebberts, Catering Manager of Memorial Hospital, prepares salmon with lentils and stone-ground mustard herb butter, and a mango panna cotta.Episode
June 3, 2011 5:47 pmCreekside West

Creekside West

Executive Chef Brad Johnson of Creekside West makes macerated strawberry shortcake, as well as tenderloin over mashed potatoes with balsamic reduction and gorgonzola cream.Episode
May 2, 2011 5:47 pmChicken Cassoulet

Chicken Cassoulet

Jan Mendenhall and Kay Carbery make chicken cassoulet.Episode
April 4, 2011 5:47 pmPicazo 717

Picazo 717

Chef Frank Magana of Picazo 717 Restaurant prepares chimichurri sturgeon.Episode
March 4, 2011 6:47 pmGeppetto's


Geppetto's Veal Parmesan with Chef Lindsay Park.Episode
February 7, 2011 6:47 pmTaj Palace

Taj Palace

Chefs Paul & Jessie Randhawa of The Taj Palace make aloo gobi.Episode
January 10, 2011 6:47 pmGasperetti's


Chef John Gasperetti of Gasperetti's Restaurant prepares a family recipe, chicken cacciatore.Episode