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About the Film

About the Film

Jagdeep carries the remainders of his gang experience mapped across his body in the form of bullet wounds and machete scars. A steady pattern of escalation pulled him deeper into the criminal underworld, until, he says, "I was gonna be dead." His experience is an ominous warning to 15-year-old Tanvir, whose life is a free fall of alienation and violence. Eighteen-year-old Vicky, who is struggling to graduate from high school, refuses to even talk about his past for fear of retaliation. "Warrior Boyz" focuses on the experience of two young men and the people who are fighting to help them resist the lure and false glamour of gang life.

In a world where memory and tradition are fading, replaced with suburban strip malls and fast food joints, where a quick cellphone call can summon 50 kids armed with knives, bats and machetes, it is a struggle for some kids to reach their 25th birthday. To date, more than a hundred young men from the South Asian community have died in gang-related violence in Metro Vancouver - a pattern that is replicated in different communities across the country. But behind the body count and headline news stories, a far different battle is being waged. Educators and parents who want to see the end of gang violence are taking action. Sukh Rai, vice principal and a major Surrey secondary school, says kids are "looking for connections in the wrong areas, with the wrong people."

"Warrior Boyz" takes an unflinching look at some of the root causes of gang violence and offers real solutions and a hard-fought hope for the future. Whether it is teachers who find ways to keep kids in school or parents who forgo the endless push of consumerist culture to spend more time with their children, moments of courage, tenacity and compassion endure.

Director's Biography

Director's Biography

A graduate of the UBC Film Program, Baljit Sangra has worked as a director/producer for a number of different programs, including the arts and entertainment series VIVA! for City TV and Channel m. Her most recent documentary, "Warrior Boyz," is a co-production in association with Canwest Media.

The Reel NW Connection

Reel NW focuses on the very best of independent film from the Northwest. Every week, Reel NW airs intriguing films from, or about, our own community. Baljit Sangra is a Vancouver-based filmmaker, her film "Warrior Boyz" was produced in association with the National Film Board of Canada and Global Television.

Warrior Boyz


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where can i watch the full epsisode i only got to see the ending :(



An excellent documentary. The fact that so many parents are both out of the house working more than one job to attain the suburban dream, the elevation of males and lack of discipline for boys in the culture and the tolerance for the gateway level of trouble many get into is alarming and a wake up call. The ex gang member in the film really sums it up when he describes the gang lifestyle in blunt and clear words. His contribution in talking to young people is beyond value.


very interesting, I would like to know who the singer was at the end of the show. Suba something, please let me know.

thank you

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