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FINDING HILLYWOOD screening at Harvard Exit on July 7!

Rwandan filmmakers at work
Rwandan filmmakers at work
Don't miss your chance to see the amazing film FINDING HILLYWOOD on the big screen, July 7 at 7:30p! As a public media broadcaster, we love this film and all that it stands for. Capturing the growth of the film community in Rwanda, FINDING HILLYWOOD serves as a perfect example of how film can transform people's lives for the better.
A homegrown filmmaking community has developed in Rwanda, with aspiring filmmakers making films by Rwandans for Rwandans. Further, they are teaching others to be filmmakers as well. Cognizant that their audience includes rural communities, they undertake a moving film festival, bringing portable equipment from village to village, knowing that their presence is a major event. Many of these films are dramas that deal with the issues of the genocide, topics that all Rwandans understand as they work through their own healing and forgiveness.

You can’t help but be taken in by the excitement of young filmmakers learning their craft, by children so excited to see a film that they’ll sit through a rainstorm, and by the beauty of the hilly Rwandan countryside.You will meet the emerging filmmakers, their fans, and their students as they heal themselves by making and watching films. Buy your tickets for this Harvard Exit screening today!

FINDING HILLYWOOD (2013) documentary trailer from Inflatable Film on Vimeo.


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