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The unique wonders of Hawai‘i are explored in this illuminating, off-the-beaten-path tour of Hawai‘i’s six major Hawaiian islands: Hawai‘i Island, Maui, Lāna‘i, Moloka‘i, O‘ahu and Kaua‘i.

While popular visitor destinations such as Honolulu are highlighted, much of this captivating hour features areas that can be accessed only by helicopter—or the extremely adventurous hiker. The itinerary includes unspoiled rain forests, majestic valleys, otherworldly volcanic landscapes, spectacular sea cliffs, and idyllic beaches where turquoise waters meet pristine white sands. "OVER Hawai‘i" also ventures under, diving into Hawai‘i’s waters to visit coral reefs teeming with sea life.

"OVER Hawai‘i" celebrates not only the scenic beauty of Hawai‘i but its cultural heritage as well, featuring commentary by people who call Hawai‘i home and who tell the islands’ stories from an authentically Hawaiian point of view. The soundtrack showcases a wide range of traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music.

Blending breathtaking scenery with fascinating insights, "OVER Hawai‘i" reveals the remarkable diversity of America’s 50th state.

"OVER" Hawai'i" premiered Saturday, Nov. 5. See TV schedule for reruns

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Web Extra | OVER Hawai'i: A Pilot's Story (6 min.)


Spectacular views of a truly sacred place- but I was thrown off by the 'western' music of the soundtrack- why not some of the gorgeous native music? And how did this magical-looking place become part of America, with it's zeitgeist in direct opposition to what this place evokes?
I Saw the show last night. Lots of talk about the Aloha Spirit. I had a funny feeling. Sure enough. Got the call this morning that my son (Haole) and two California Visitors were beat up in a parking lot waiting for their taxi. Local guys, called them Haole, gave them some "Aloha Spirit." My son has dealt with this his whole life there. Nice kid, works hard, will help anyone. Didn't run away from the fight, because his friend is Autistic. Has staples in his head from being kicked. Hand is messed up. He is a waiter, so won't be able to work. Police say they can't do anything without a name. I have heard my whole life there, "go back to the mainland Haole." Moved to Cali to spare my youngest the discrimination and tears. I grew up in Hawaii, glad to be back on the mainland. Apparently the Aloha Spirit doesn't apply to Haole. Warn you visitors that you are trying to attract.
my daughter told me of this ... I am so sad, most of my earliest memories are of old Hawaii. My Dad was stationed at Pearl in the late 40's. All of my paintings end up with the colors of Hawaii ... so sad to lose the old Hawaii and the blendings of the world .....
That's awful... Is this generally widespread or localized to a minority of miscreants?
"Hawai'i no ka oi" (Hawai'i is the best). I am Kama`aina (local born in the 1950s) and try to get back as much as I can. Been all over the mainland US and will always choose a local plate lunch vs. anyone else's cuisine. The beauty, mana, and splendor of the aina (land) and the ocean will be there long after any of us are gone and that is the true Hawai'i. Pockets of the old Hawai'i that I remember and grew up with are still there and can be found. Mahalo nui...
Thank you for the show. Beautifully shot! My family lived on O'ahu back in the mid-70's when i was going to college. I had the rare fortune to be able to come to visit for a few months at a time. Since then life has intruded, but we come back to the islands as often as we can. A treasure of a place. I cannot think of a more fantastic place to be a part of. Mahalo!

this post was really very well


this was very well written


I have applied to the university of Hawaii, i want to come to Hawaii as a graduate student, it's my Dream!


I love beuty of hawaii i am iranian i cant travel to hawaii i feel sad


don't resign your hopes


I love the beauty of Hawaii but recently heard that they are letting Monsanto lease lands to test GMO's (genetically engineered plants). How will they contain them? Hawaii needs to protect it's vast beauty & letting a chemical company test products there sounds terrible. I would love to live in Hawaii some day because of the warm ocean water, great for swimming anytime of the year.


This is great show. But it must be seen in HD.


Wow, just so breath taking, Mahalo Nui Loa to Dave Chevalier Blue Hawaiian helicopters. Such a blessing to have you share your special love for the island.


I have been so fortunate to have travelled to The Hawaiian Islands on 7 different vacations and each time it just felt as if I never left, whether it was a year or several years between trips there. I carry the Aloha spirit and have since my first trip in October of 1991 and I will forever yearn to visit, as it will will always remain in my heart as the most beautiful chain of Islands which doesn't compare to any other place I have travelled. It truly is paradise. Aloha!


I can't wait to visit Hawai‘i’s six major Hawaiian islands: Hawai‘i Island, Maui, Lāna‘i, Moloka‘i, O‘ahu and Kaua‘i. I'm currently to busy studying to become a Pilot. I like to visit Hawaii and perhaps rent a helicopter and fly over unspoiled rain forests, majestic valleys, otherworldly volcanic landscapes. I currently use a flight simulator download: http://flightsimulatordownloadd.org/ - which provides realistic views of Hawaii but to see/fly over it in real life will be breadth taking.


Why would you hire a company from DC to to produce this???


What company produced this? The credits were too small for me to see on my TV. They did a great job, but I'd like to know who it was.


Norm is not "normal". He can't see the beauty of Hawaii. I lived on oahu for six years and consider it the best years of my life.




What a sham of a video, especially for my PBS station to broadcast it as Asian Pacific Heritage Month special. This is just a tourist video. I wouldn't mind it if it was part of a travel video, but to put it as one of the 5 shows to highlight Asian Pacific Heritage? Are they for real?


Hey Everyone:
Uhm, please ignore 'Norm'. He's just trolling. Really. Some people get off on seeding comment boards with nonsensical or controversial B.S. simply to see what kind of reaction they can get. Pathetic yes but a fact of reality in our online world. The common advice is, "Don't feed the troll." Just ignore them.

As for the show, I thought it was simply wonderful.


What a wonderful way to se our magnificence ! We love Maui from the ground up, and there is no doubt God bestows upon us the best we can physically experience on earth. The Aloha breadth in those who truly love the "aina" (land), has welcomed us home for twenty years. We offer up our best to one another working with the ground that provides a garden of nourishment and beauty. The helicopter bird's eye view delivers the bigger details, and we are grateful to have had a peek from above in its entirety. All who are blessed to have been born in the islands bless us who came in search for a place to call home.


We come from Canada and have visited the Islands of Hawaii 7 times. They are magical. They are each so different and wonderful in their own way. I consider the helicopter ride over Kaua'i one of the highlights of my life, so this movie let us see the other islands in the same way. We just returned from our last stay and can not wait for the next trip when I hope to take my grandchildren on just such a ride.


Wow Norm you must be a haole!!! Such negativity about MY HOME!! I am from the Big Island...born in Hilo!! You just have the blinders on man take them off and look for the beauty in everything!!! The lava flows are just part of the beauty a huge part! If you no like then don't come and bad mouth Hawaii no more!!!


Seriously! I was in Hawaii for the first time this past year, on Hawaii, Maui and Kauai. It was a life changing experience! I don't know if Norm lives in a place that has lava fields, 80 ft waterfalls and some of the most diverse scenery on the planet but if he can't find something beautiful in Hawaii, it says something about him, not Hawaii. It saddens me that people can be so unappreciative and blind to the wonders of our planet... Lorena, I'd move to Hilo in a heartbeat! We stayed in Pahoa and can't wait to come back!




Tim who? Cause this is a "Tim" and yes that was my voice... as well as many others.


Blue hawaiian helicopter ride I just took in the big island was the biggest waste of time in my whole life.He flew over some dead lava fields and some farm lands,oh yah we saw a 80 foot water fall big deal.The so called "circle of fire" was by far the biggest waste of time and money I was looking so forward to seeing this"circle of fire" and saved it for the last few days of my trip hoping of a great time with all the hype and all it was is a complete waste of time


Yes, it is too bad that having the money to ride in the helicopter is wasted on you. Why don't you spend the 400.00 on a donation to a charity. That might be a good start to finding your heart. My daughter has Tuberous Sclerosis and watches this over and over. It brings me joy just to see how much she loves Hawaii.


Norm, I feel sad that you can not understand the beauty nor feel the sacredness of Hawai'i. Both you and the 'aina are the loser.


Norm, i have the feeling that you might be happier in Las Vegas. I bet they've got some Circles of Fire that'll thrill yr soul.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I only can wish could get any Hawaiian helicopter ride, so do not take such a special place for grant.


That saddens me to hear you speak that way about the aina Norm. Perhaps you shouldnʻt waste any more of your time or money coming to Hawaii nei.


Wow. What's that saying? If you can't say something nice....don't say anything at all?

What did you expect a lava field to look like??? ALL lava fields are dead dude! You obviously don't appreciate the true beauty of Hawai'i.


I hear Hawai'ian Radio Connection DJ, Braddah Stephen Gomes is going to be on one of these shows, (He is from Kaua'i) and I can't wait!!


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have a son in law that married my daughter and he is from The Big Island of Hawaii. He is a very special person full of compassion and understanding such as is his culture. He is a true native Hawiian.

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